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Intimacy: The Final Frontier

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I’ve noticed new discomfort in my practice to allow greater intimacy into my life. Intimacy with those I don’t know well has always come easy to me. Intimacy with those I know has seemed more difficult. Intimacy with myself even more difficult. And intimacy with the God of my being more allusive. It has been my practice for the last 8 years to consciously continue my exploration of intimacy. Who might I be if I was willing to stand spiritually naked?


Brene Brown writes “There is no intimacy without vulnerability.” That has certainly been my experience. Each time I deepen in my experience of intimacy I enter unchartered territory. I am called to explore corners of my consciousness previously untraveled. The unknown and the unfamiliar seem scary and yet the more regularly we practice something the greater comfort and proficiency we develop.

So the question is, why? Why intimacy? And why now? Read More

New Is Always At Hand

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I realized that I have an unconscious theme in my titles as of late: “Change is Always at Hand” and “Good is Always at Hand.” So now, I will add “New is Always at Hand.” In July, the Core Council learned that our Founder Rev. Mark Anthony Lord would be moving on from his role as Senior Minister. In preparation for Rev. Mark Anthony’s departure, an Interim Spiritual Council was formed of Joan Coletto, LSP, Kim Revere, LSP and myself.

Since that time the Core Council and Spiritual Council have listened and acted intentionally and prayerfully while leading our Community. It has been beautiful to witness and participate in. As part of our practice, Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn was engaged to lead us through the transition. Read More

Community Update: Spirit-Centered Leadership In February, Plus Core Council Applications

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With each week between January 1st and April 4th focusing on one of our 8 Spiritual Practices, I have noticed myself becoming increasingly intentional on my daily practice! I really enjoy deepening my appreciation for why our 8 Spiritual Practices are what they are. Our shared commitment to practice is what brings us together in community—we support each other in being accountable, for which I am so grateful! A Course in Miracles says we “teach” what we need to learn most. Amen to that! Read More

Change Is Always At Hand

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It can be easy to experience change and wonder why … why is this happening? And often, why is this happening to me?! I’ve found it to be one of the most painful and least satisfying inquiries. It leads me nowhere but further suffering.

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance.”
— Alan Watts

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Giving Tuesday: A Reflection On Commoditization, Chris Rock and Contribution To Bodhi’s Mission

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Today is #GivingTuesday, a global day inspired by Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday with the intention of celebrating generosity and giving. In learning of #GivingTuesday, I heard my inner cynic come out. “Oh geez, here we go, we’ve commoditized one more thing! Now, even non-profits have to ‘get in where they can fit in.”

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And, it’s true, culturally we do that … everything we can get our hands on we will work to package and sell. I think Chris Rock said it best on his recent visit to Saturday Night Live. Read More

Love In Action

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As we mature into our next decade as a community, I find myself asking, Why is spiritual community important and relevant today? What do we offer at a physical location that you can’t find in a book or online? Perhaps brick-and-mortar community is a dying paradigm? … all popular and timely inquiries.

I am then reminded of my years in sales. I remember the increasing enthusiasm and certainty that web casts, emails and telecommuting would be the “solution” to all of our inconveniences and inefficiencies. “Convenience and efficiency, that’s what we need!” (in a Superman-like voice).

Our first quarterly Love In Action

Our first quarterly Love In Action

I don’t buy it. Look, I am all for the benefits of technology and accessibility. I live by Google calendar. I am obsessed with Instagram. I have bookcases upon bookcases of inspiring material. I have attended thousands of hours of workshops and classes to support my personal and spiritual growth. And yet nothing has transformed me more than the rub of human relationship. Read More

The Universal Truth About Prosperity

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In our Thursday night Spiritual Economics class, we are studying the Truth about Prosperity and “raising consciousness, to know that ‘the place on which you are standing is holy ground'” (Butterworth, Spiritual Economics). When the circumstances or conditions of our lives and our world appear as if something is broken—as if scarcity is real or lack and limitation are “true”—we turn to Truth to remind us of Universal Law.

This thing called God is not a Santa Claus figure sitting in the sky waiting to give or withhold if we are naughty or nice. God is an unseen power and presence always operating in, through and as us. Use the word Love, Universe, Source, Spirit—whatever word resonates in your body. Read More

Growing Beyond Where We Are, To Be Who We Are

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As Bodhi transitions into it’s next greatest self, we find ourselves at the beginning of a new state of consciousness—ready to break through into our next greatest expression. We join together during this time to consciously declare Building the Beloved Community.

As Rev. Gaylon McDowell said this past Sunday, “the transformation of any community begins with the individual.” It is in that knowing that we do the work within ourselves first, as individuals of a community committed to the idea of Oneness, Love, Peace and Unity. We come together to “Discover Our Spiritual Wholeness”—wholeness meaning to be complete, to lack nothing.

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Sunday afternoon we gathered for our Quarterly Conversation to take stock of our consciousness. We met not to make where we are as individuals or as a Community wrong, but to be willing to honestly assess our current state. In getting related to where we are, we become at choice to allow for transformation, to allow for God to have its way in our lives. Read More