It can be easy to experience change and wonder why … why is this happening? And often, why is this happening to me?! I’ve found it to be one of the most painful and least satisfying inquiries. It leads me nowhere but further suffering.

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance.”
— Alan Watts

The fact is change does happen. Our ability to know what’s true in the midst of change is our greatest comfort. So what’s true? All things work together for Good—that is not a spiritual platitude. We can’t always make sense of that in the moment; but, look back on your life and you will notice the many unexpected gifts that have come out of seeming challenges. We live in an abundant universe—solutions are all around us. Nothing happens to us, for Life is always moving through us!

Nothing happens to us, for Life is always moving through us!

Our conditions and circumstances cause us to grow and expand in ways that we wouldn’t have imagined had things remained the same. Bodhi has experienced that first hand in the last several months. On Sunday, we celebrated our many accomplishments from September through December of 2014—and they are plenty! Many of our 2014 accomplishments wouldn’t have occurred had change not occurred. Check out this list to see just what we did in 2014.

2014 Accomplishments to Celebrate

Youth & Family
• Teen Winter & Summer Camps – a solid teen group!!
• Opened New Nursery Space
• New Windows Donated & Installed by Carpentry by Michael
• Full Time Youth & Family Director Rainbow Weldon
• Part Time Youth & Family Support Heather Marsh-Prelesnik
• Day of the Dead Altar & Fundraiser
• November proved a peak in overall Sunday Youth Attendance for 2014
• 2nd New Year’s Eve Teen Slumber Party
Financial Stewardship
• 89% of budgeted contribution income received through November, 2014 in the midst of major organizational transition (2014 numbers to be reported by January 31, 2015).
• $6,000 grant received from Comed coordinated by Community Members to resolve significant lighting challenges in Courtyard Building, Fellowship Hall and Kitchen
• Committed Staff Members accepting considerable salary reductions in Q4 ranging from 10-36% of total compensation.
• AMAZING Sunday Speakers & Guest Artists
• First Chicago Marathon Team
• City of Chicago Faith & Action member community
• Love in Action – Quarterly Volunteer Appreciation Dinner & Evening Service
• Service Day – Quarterly community service day to care for our home
• Interfaith partnerships deepened city wide – Mishkan Chicago, Christ Universal Temple
• Holiday Pop Up Bookstore doubling as Teen Fundraiser
• Holiday Potluck & Community Caroling

As we continue to grow and change, so do our staff, leaders, practitioners, and community members … such is life! This Sunday, Founding Member, Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Manager of Finance & Education and Bodhi House Band Leader Kim Revere announced that in the spring she will join her mother and sister in moving to Arizona. I have known of this change for many months and am grateful for Kim’s generosity in living through the frigid temps this winter as we prepare for her transition!

Kim Revere singing at Bodhi

Kim Revere singing at Bodhi

I consider Kim Revere one of my best friends, partners, teachers and soul sisters. We have code nicknames for each other (ask her about them, sort of like Thelma & Louise). While I will miss her daily hugs, our frequent belly laughs and her loving heckling of me, she will not be far in spirit.

Kim Revere has given nearly 12 years of her life to Bodhi Spiritual Center. Bodhi would not be the dynamic, outrageous, unique and glorious expression of Love without her. Let us enjoy Kim’s last couple of months in celebration and in honoring. While she may be moving to warmer pastures, Kim will always know Bodhi as her home!

Lola Wright

About Lola Wright

Lola Wright is the Spiritual Director at Bodhi Spiritual Center.


  • Avatar Laird Mintz says:

    I have been at Bodhi only 6 months and already found my special appreciation for Kim to run very deep….

    Thank you for all the beautiful music and shakti energy…..


  • Avatar Anne Rossiter says:

    So grateful for the bright light shining for change, growth and evolution…thank you Kim…forever in our hearts.

  • Avatar Claire Guenther says:

    How exciting for Kim! Just wondering what she has planned for her journey in Arizona ? Myself a couple Bodi folks have made the move to Scottsdale!!!it would be great to hear her amazing voice again!!!?

    • Avatar Kim says:

      I will be in Mayer, AZ. It’s a small town an hour north of Phoenix. A great location to be able to travel the state and sing at some spiritual centers! I don’t head out until April, but keep an eye on my Facebook page. I’ll be sure to post where I’m singing.

  • Avatar Karen Russo says:

    Blessings Kim — thank you for your service to Bodhi and let’s have some AZ fun together, love, Karen

    • Avatar Kim says:

      Looking forward to it! I’ll finally get to see your neck of the woods…or desert.
      Blessings and see you when the weather warms up!

  • Avatar Michael coletto says:

    Hi Kim…a special thanks for helping us move through a time of uncertain change…you stepped up and helped us work out the details…
    You are truly a special person…
    Never good by…see you around !

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