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building the beloved community

Proclaim Love Boldly With A 2017 Year-End Gift

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Dear beLOVEd,

As we bring the year to a close I am present to the many gifts this community provides in Chicago and beyond – tens of thousands of hours of spiritual education touching tens of thousands of lives with the express intention of disrupting the psychosis of fear and lack while cultivating and liberating the ingenuity of the human spirit. Read More

“Rolling With The Changes” By Kim Revere

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On Sunday, we said farewell to Kim Revere, founding member of Bodhi and leader in the community for the past 12 years. As she has so many times before, Kim blessed us with her voice and music, as well as a message about finding peace while consciously readying yourself for change, and in it, transformation.

New Is Always At Hand

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I realized that I have an unconscious theme in my titles as of late: “Change is Always at Hand” and “Good is Always at Hand.” So now, I will add “New is Always at Hand.” In July, the Core Council learned that our Founder Rev. Mark Anthony Lord would be moving on from his role as Senior Minister. In preparation for Rev. Mark Anthony’s departure, an Interim Spiritual Council was formed of Joan Coletto, LSP, Kim Revere, LSP and myself.

Since that time the Core Council and Spiritual Council have listened and acted intentionally and prayerfully while leading our Community. It has been beautiful to witness and participate in. As part of our practice, Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn was engaged to lead us through the transition. Read More