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Proclaim Love Boldly With A 2017 Year-End Gift

By December 12, 2017January 2nd, 2018News

Dear beLOVEd,

As we bring the year to a close I am present to the many gifts this community provides in Chicago and beyond – tens of thousands of hours of spiritual education touching tens of thousands of lives with the express intention of disrupting the psychosis of fear and lack while cultivating and liberating the ingenuity of the human spirit.

My family has been served by this community for nearly 14 years. It has been a place of deep comfort, generous belonging, inspired creativity and necessary soul searching. Thousands of people have been and continue to be served by our mission of awakening the inherent power and purpose that resides in every human being and, for that, I am deeply grateful.

This past year has been unique for our country and our planet – Bodhi is not exempt from the thunderous noise of the stormy night. The shadows that are being rightly exposed in our government, corporations and communities expose trauma, call for transformation, and catalyze movements. I am profoundly encouraged by the guttural activity of human consciousness and the Bodhi community’s willingness to do the work. I am encouraged.

Over the last 12 months I have witnessed our community members explore the depths of racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia while holding a vision of a loving and just global society. These necessary, and at times uncomfortable, conversations are required for us to realize a planet and human community that experiences Love, Harmony and Wholeness. We have been called to wonder “what exactly do we mean when we claim a community rooted in Oneness?”

We have been a fierce voice in support of our transgender family. We have been a fierce voice demanding racial justice in our communities. We have been a strong critic of political movements designed to strengthen the depths of fear and retain the seduction of separation.

The realization of The beLOVEd CommUNITY is why we exist. We continue the work of awakening the individual and we expand the work through serving and provoking the collective.

Your generosity enables us to give the gift of awakening and transformation to thousands of people in Chicago and far beyond.

I invite you to make an intentional and generous financial gift that continues to support the essential work of Love that Bodhi Spiritual Center brings to the planet.

I ask you to make a year end gift that exceeds your level of comfort and regular level of giving. A gift that requires the deepening of your faith.

I ask you to give financially to our body of work that calls people to rise up into a higher state of consciousness. I ask that you consider your generous gift a loving act of resistance and a bold proclamation of your values.

Now is the time where we are able to claim a new paradigm for living. Humanity is ripe and ready for transformation. And Bodhi is uniquely ready to contribute to the reimagining of society.

Again, I thank you for your generosity. I thank you for your devotion. I thank you for your contribution. I absolutely know that you are always provided for. You are always sourced and supplied. And you are rightly led into an expanded experience of generosity – that is your nature.

3 Easy Ways To Give

  1. Give via bank account or credit card by visiting our Giving page
  2. Give by texting “Give” to 770.770.8577
  3. Give stocks, bonds or mutual funds by emailing, scott@bodhispiritualcenter.org

May you have a rich and restorative holiday season. And please, consider joining us for our Illuminate series this month and for our end-of-year Burning Bowl Celebration Service on Sunday, December 31st at 10a as we burn that which no longer serves us and ready ourselves for a new and powerful beginning.

Peace and Many Blessings,

Rev. Lola Wright, Spiritual Director

** Financial giving is tax deductible and will be reflected on your end-of-year giving statement. By donating stock held longer than one year, you avoid paying capital gains tax and you are eligible to receive a charitable contribution deduction equal to the mean value of the stock the day it is transferred. **

Lola Wright

Lola Wright is the Spiritual Director at Bodhi Spiritual Center.

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