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Pride Stories: Rainbow

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Chicago kicked off its official Pride Month Celebrations this weekend with Pride Fest, and throughout the next week we’ll be celebrating by sharing stories from LGBTQ+ members of our beLOVEd community. As a community, we believe DIVERSITY of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, and religion demonstrates the most glorious aspects of God—the multiplicity of our unity is celebrated through our differences. Today we share and celebrate Rainbow’s story.
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Love To Give: 2018 Commitment

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This Sunday, January 21st, we’re excited to launch “Love To Give”—an invitation to make a commitment to giving in 2018. The people in our Bodhi community are what make it beLOVEd—and we’re thrilled to reveal a vision for this year where together we can give to and receive from it, to take part in something in which we can find purpose and be empowered. Read More

Proclaim Love Boldly With A 2017 Year-End Gift

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Dear beLOVEd,

As we bring the year to a close I am present to the many gifts this community provides in Chicago and beyond – tens of thousands of hours of spiritual education touching tens of thousands of lives with the express intention of disrupting the psychosis of fear and lack while cultivating and liberating the ingenuity of the human spirit. Read More