Pride Stories: Lyndra

By June 20, 2018 Home, News, Quotes

Today we continue our series of Pride Stories sharing Lyndra’s story.

Deciding to show up as my authentic self was such a huge deal for me almost 10 years ago. Although I’ve grown and changed significantly since coming out, I am still so incredibly committed to showing up every single day as a lesbian, masculine presenting, woman of color.

One of the various ways I choose authenticity is linking myself with individuals and community that reflect practices of Love, Oneness, and those who aren’t afraid to do the necessary work of LGBTQ+ visibility, social challenge and systematic dismantling. I find so much of this, and more, being done at Bodhi.

I love the celebration that my partner and I are at Bodhi. I love the celebration that each and every person is at Bodhi, but there’s something truly special about having a spiritual community that advocates for, uplifts and empowers my gay ass.

– Lyndra


About Bodhi

Bodhi is a non-religious spiritual community in Chicago, IL. We awaken individuals to live their inherent power and purpose. Through unconditional love, creativity and conscious community, we reveal Oneness in service of the people of Chicago and beyond.

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