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Speaker & Musical Guest Cynthia James Visiting In August

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Cynthia James—transformational speaker, coach, singer and multiple-award winning author—will visit Bodhi as our speaker and musical guest on Sunday, August 14th. A Celebration Service not to be missed! Tomorrow, June 1st, is the launch of her latest book, “I Choose Me.”

But wait, there’s more! In the days leading up to her Sunday visit, Cynthia will be featured at a “Ladies Night” alongside Rev. Lola Wright on Wednesday, August 10th at Unity in Chicago. And on Saturday, August 13th, Cynthia will lead a workshop from 10a – 4p at Bodhi, based on her new book, “I Choose Me.” Read More

New Theme for May: “The Courage To Be”

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In the month of May we will explore what it means to BE. What comes up when we are BEing and not just DOing? BEing is a practice of great courage. We live in a time where it is ever tempting to go, go, go and do, do, do and yet our soul is always inviting us to BE.

We live in a time where it is ever tempting to go, go, go and do, do, do and yet our soul is always inviting us to BE. Read More

New Theme For April: “Making Meaning”

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New month, new theme—no April fools-in’ around! This Sunday at our new home, Vittum Theater, Rev. Lola Wright will help us kick off “Making Meaning” with her message, “You Get To Say!” In Rev. Lola’s words:

“The theme for the month of April is Making Meaning. The concept is two fold—meaning gives our life a sense of direction and purpose. And we’re always making up the meaning. That’s the good news. We get to make meaning out of anything and everything. We can make meaning out of the mundane or the majestic. Whatever meaning we assign will create the path before us.

Carpool Drivers Wanted

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Bring sunshine to someone’s Sunday by giving them a lift! To make transportation easier to our new home at Vittum Theater, we’re seeking volunteers to serve as carpool drivers for our Sunday Celebrations, beginning March 6th (vintage VW bus not required!). If you have a car and would like to serve as a driver, please email carpool@bodhispiritualcenter.org.
Photo credit: NMK Photography via Flickr

February Workshops: Create “Radical Relationships” With The Enneagram

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February is the month with the fewest days—but here at Bodhi, we’re packing that shorter timeline full of educational opportunities to expand your consciousness, continue your spiritual journey and connect with others in our community doing the same. See all our workshops and classes in the coming months at our Education page. Below we’ve highlighted two upcoming in February focused on the Enneagram, and how you can use it to form “Radical Relationships” (next month’s theme!).

Classes & Workshops Read More

New Home Community Meeting

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After the Celebration Service on Sunday, January 10th, we hosted a New Home Community Meeting to communicate the latest information and updates in regard to our upcoming move, as well as hear input from the community. Below is a message from our architect, Elva Rubio of Rubio Studios, shared with those in attendance. Plus, we’ve included the agenda and notes for download and the slide show presented. Thanks to all who joined us, and for everyone’s continued support as we transition to a new home!

What Is Important To Move Forward

A Message from architect Elva Rubio

This home has served you well in the last 4 years. It has allowed you to create a sense of home, permanency, belonging and contributing to a neighborhood and community. You have also experienced the opportunity to grow, expand and mature.

With gratitude for this place, it is important to take your values, characteristics, visions & aspirations, all that you share, and let the new location unfold. Your new home will reveal profound opportunities and relationships, truly based in your community core and dreams. You have been and will continue to be on a journey of creating a new genre of “Center” which will hold unlimited relationships and possibilities. There is not currently, close example of an organization that compares to the potential of Bodhi. The offerings for our radically changing urban communities are endless. As you innovate and evolve, keep moving ahead “unified” as you do so well with open minds and hearts “And So It Is.”

I have been so honored to be part of your New Home Search and the future of Bodhi. I have been enriched and have learned so much.

Presentation Slides