Get To Give

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This month, we kick off our series titled “Get to Give.” It was inspired by a brilliant workshop I attended a few months ago at the invitation of a friend and community member, Mikki Williams.

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Balaji Krishnamurthy of Think.Shift is a veteran corporate executive from the private and pubic technology space. During his workshop, he dismantled conventional wisdom around leadership and management, traditional methods of workplace motivation and used real data to support his findings (I am a geek for demonstrated results.) Read More

The #DriveTo75

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I LOVE POTENTIAL! You must first know that about me. I love celebrating what is and then creating what can be. I love witnessing the wake up of someone to their magnificence. I love witnessing someone’s discovery of their unique purpose on this planet. I love witnessing the stretch of what’s possible. #Driveto75 is exactly that. It’s a conversation that started at Bodhi last Sunday. #Driveto75 is a special intention to kick off a response to a financial gap we are currently experiencing. Read More

Living In The Gap Between Our Ideals And Our Reality

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Setting intentions and goals is important for our sense of direction. Knowing our desired future provides a compass whereby we can determine when and where we are in or out of alignment. Many of us have crafted personal vision and mission statements with each word deliberately selected eventually arriving at a point of seeming perfection. Sitting back with great admiration and appreciation for the possible future that’s been created, imagining the world as it’s been articulated illicits hope and possibility.

Our July Series: "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness"

Our July Series: “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”

Read More

Community Heroes

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You don’t have to look far to find extraordinary Chicagoans doing amazing work in and around the city! On Sunday, June 21st during our Sunday Celebration Service we will hear from 5 innovative Chicagoans that are up to big things. We have invited these 5 people to participate in a dialogue as they uniquely exemplify the heart of contribution … they aren’t in their work for the fame or fortune. They roll up their sleeves everyday to improve the lives of others in our great city.

Our panel guests (pictured from left to right in the above graphic): Channyn Parker of the Translife Center: A Chicago House Project; Howard Bailey of Dream Cafe & Grille; Jill Salzman of The Founding Moms; Sarah Berghorst of OneGoal; and Theodore Richards of The Chicago Wisdom Project. We love, honor and celebrate your commitment, your persistence, your love and your certainty in supporting the people of Chicago!

The Hero’s Journey

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The other night I was visiting with my brother and sister in law (actually, she was doing my hair). And in my typical style and without a moment’s notice I asked my sister in law, “Do you believe there is a purpose for your life? Do you know or sense that you are here for a unique and profound reason?” In her brilliant and hysterical way she did a slight roll of the eyes and continued to listen more than respond.

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As a little girl, I would lay awake in bed wondering what the point of this whole thing was. I would repeat my name over and over again at varying tempos and with changing accents wondering how in the world and who came up with these sounds … the vowels, the consonants. Read More

Intimacy: The Final Frontier

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I’ve noticed new discomfort in my practice to allow greater intimacy into my life. Intimacy with those I don’t know well has always come easy to me. Intimacy with those I know has seemed more difficult. Intimacy with myself even more difficult. And intimacy with the God of my being more allusive. It has been my practice for the last 8 years to consciously continue my exploration of intimacy. Who might I be if I was willing to stand spiritually naked?


Brene Brown writes “There is no intimacy without vulnerability.” That has certainly been my experience. Each time I deepen in my experience of intimacy I enter unchartered territory. I am called to explore corners of my consciousness previously untraveled. The unknown and the unfamiliar seem scary and yet the more regularly we practice something the greater comfort and proficiency we develop.

So the question is, why? Why intimacy? And why now? Read More

Annual Meeting Announcement: Our New Spiritual Director, Reverend Lola Wright

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Thanks to all who attended the Annual Meeting this past Sunday, and for those of you who were not able to join us, I would like to make sure that I provide the community with some details and background on a major decision the Core Council announced at the meeting.

When our Founder and Senior Minister Rev. Mark Anthony Lord announced his departure in July, we communicated to the community that an Interim Spiritual Council was being assembled, in order to hold the high spiritual watch as well as to guide Sunday messages and schedule speakers. This we believed would provide continuity and stability to our Sunday programming. This decision and the move to provide dynamic speakers for our Sunday talks, proved to be something that was well received and appreciated by our community. Read More

New Is Always At Hand

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I realized that I have an unconscious theme in my titles as of late: “Change is Always at Hand” and “Good is Always at Hand.” So now, I will add “New is Always at Hand.” In July, the Core Council learned that our Founder Rev. Mark Anthony Lord would be moving on from his role as Senior Minister. In preparation for Rev. Mark Anthony’s departure, an Interim Spiritual Council was formed of Joan Coletto, LSP, Kim Revere, LSP and myself.

Since that time the Core Council and Spiritual Council have listened and acted intentionally and prayerfully while leading our Community. It has been beautiful to witness and participate in. As part of our practice, Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn was engaged to lead us through the transition. Read More