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Community Heroes

By June 12, 2015August 7th, 2019Blogs, Events, News

You don’t have to look far to find extraordinary Chicagoans doing amazing work in and around the city! On Sunday, June 21st during our Sunday Celebration Service we will hear from 5 innovative Chicagoans that are up to big things. We have invited these 5 people to participate in a dialogue as they uniquely exemplify the heart of contribution … they aren’t in their work for the fame or fortune. They roll up their sleeves everyday to improve the lives of others in our great city.

Our panel guests (pictured from left to right in the above graphic): Channyn Parker of the Translife Center: A Chicago House Project; Howard Bailey of Dream Cafe & Grille; Jill Salzman of The Founding Moms; Sarah Berghorst of OneGoal; and Theodore Richards of The Chicago Wisdom Project. We love, honor and celebrate your commitment, your persistence, your love and your certainty in supporting the people of Chicago!

Lola Wright

Lola Wright is the Spiritual Director at Bodhi Spiritual Center.


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