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MEDITATION: On Allowing Life To Be As It Is

By January 8, 2020January 22nd, 2020Podcast

Host Lola Wright leads you on a guided meditation on allowing life to be exactly as it is.

“For this now moment would you be willing to allow existence to be exactly as it is? Would you be willing to lay down any need that you may have to fix, to manage, or to control any people, places, or things?”

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Lola Wright: Hello, welcome to And This Is Bodhi. I’m your host Lola Wright. Right now we are taking a short break between seasons one and two of this podcast, so for this month I’ll be dropping a meditation episode for you here each Wednesday. Then beginning in February we will be back with season two of our show. We are cooking up tons of goodness for you now for this upcoming season and it is a great time for you to inform us of exactly what you would like to see us create with season two. What do you most want from this digital gathering space? How can it be best designed to serve and support you? Email us at podcast@bodhicenter.org. That’s B. O. D. H. I. Bodhi. Let us know what you’ve liked about this show so far. Let us know if there were things you’ve liked less about what we’ve done so far. What areas of your life are you looking for support in? What are you interested in awakening from out of to? So let’s move in to the meditation practice for this episode. If you’re new to meditation, you got this, I promise to make it available, accessible. This is not going to be some kind of lofty practice. It really is intended to be a very simple, simple time to just still your body, quiet your mind and become available to a deeper dimension of your being.

Lola Wright: So with that in mind, find yourself in a comfortable position. Begin to bring your eyes closed. Begin to allow your breath to deepen. Allow your belly soften, your shoulders to fall. Begin to scan your body from the crown of your head. Moving at whatever pace is comfortable for you. Perhaps noticing your brow. Often an area of the body where we will hold great tension. Just invite through the use of your breath, and your awareness. Invite the brow to soften, to relax. Place your awareness on your jaw.

Lola Wright: Just notice if there’s any gripping or clenching. Invite the tongue to rest on the bottom inside of your teeth, creating a little bit of spaciousness between your top and bottom teeth. You might choose to turn the corners of your mouth up just slightly.

Lola Wright: Bring your awareness to your shoulders, perhaps rolling them back slightly. Creating space between your ear lobes and your shoulders.

Lola Wright: Place your awareness on your chest. Just notice if there’s any heaviness, and constriction. Invite the breath to deepen. And through your awareness, invite the chest to open.

Lola Wright: Again making your way down the body into the belly and the hips. Perhaps thanking your body for the incredible ways that it serves you. Noticing your thighs and your knees.

Lola Wright: Begin to bring your awareness to the support that is provided to you by the seat upon which you sit. You might choose to place your hands in the open and receptive position with palms up. If you’re feeling more generative in your energy. If you’re wanting to conserve, your energy might choose to place your hands. Palms down.

Lola Wright: You might begin to bring your awareness to the tips of your fingers. Oftentimes the tips of the fingers and the cheeks begin to have a kind of tingling sensation.

Lola Wright: As you deepen your meditation practice, you’ll begin to experience a kind of vibratory sensation throughout your entire physical body.

Lola Wright: This meditation today is intended to support you in the practice of allowing.

Lola Wright: So often we can find ourselves efforting, struggling, producing. As you and I continue to awaken to the inherent power and presence that is at the center of our being, both within us and well beyond us, we begin to notice that our efforting is needed less and less. So just invite you in this now moment to have a felt experience of allowing.

Lola Wright: So we sit here together, invite the breath to move through your body and begin to experience this practice of allowing. Allow the breath to move through your body without really any effort. Allow yourself to sense the support that is all around you. Allow the felt sense of support from the chair beneath you. Allow the sense of comfort in your physical environment. Allow this entire time of reflection and stillness to be of complete and total support to your expansion, to your wellbeing, to your inner peace.

Lola Wright: In this now moment you need not do anything. Simply allow the presence of all that is to support you.

Lola Wright: Notice if your physical body is wanting to adjust itself. And allow your body to inform you on what it needs.

Lola Wright: Begin to expand your awareness beyond your individual self. Perhaps tuning in to the world around you, personal relationships, work, colleagues, family.

Lola Wright: Perhaps expand beyond your immediate circle and to your community. The larger city you may be near. The state that you reside in. The country that you find yourself in. And ultimately this entire planet.

Lola Wright: For this now moment, would you be willing to allow existence to be exactly as it is?

Lola Wright: Would you be willing to lay down any need that you may have to fix, to manage, or to control any people, places, or things. In this now moment would you allow the breath that moves through you to be enough?

Lola Wright: Continue to allow your breath to move deeply in your body. With each breath, begin to bring your awareness more deeply into the presence of all that is that is right where you are.

Lola Wright: Now begin to allow whatever intentions you have for the upcoming year to begin to surface into your mind’s eye.

Lola Wright: Perhaps you went through the visioning process and called forward new experiences in the realm of relationships or finances, career or health. Begin to notice the desires that you have for this upcoming calendar year.

Lola Wright: And allow yourself to trust that there’s something greater working on, for, and through you.

Lola Wright: That you can actually be led and guided in relationship to all of your desires in a way that invites you to lay down the heavy lifting, to release the experience of struggle and to surrender into inspired action. Into a led and guided life from the center of your being from some place or space that’s far beyond the mind’s capacity. Allow yourself to be informed. Allow yourself to be guided. Allow yourself to be still.

Lola Wright: Begin to consider that the intentions and the desires that you have set forward may actually be fulfilled from a place that is more sustainable, more prolific, more inspired than your productivity or your fear.

Lola Wright: Imagine that whatever intentions or desires you have that you really are able to actualize those intentions from a place that does not deplete you, dissatisfy you.

Lola Wright: Just notice the mind’s tendency to want to figure out how. Just see if you’d be willing to allow that mental pattern to be as it is, to let it go, and to trust in something greater.

Lola Wright: You are part of this eternal field of conscious awareness. You are intrinsically connected to all of life.

Lola Wright: As a desire moves through you, you are already sourced and resourced with all that you should need and want for its fulfillment. In this now moment would you be willing to rest easy and trust.

Lola Wright: I invite you to take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Lola Wright: Again, breathing in deeply through your nose, inviting your belly to fully expand and an audible exhale, exhausting all of the oxygen in your body. And finally, one more deep inhale in through your nose full belly expanse and out through your mouth. Begin to wiggle your fingers and your toes. Perhaps appreciating yourself for taking time to sit in some stillness

Lola Wright: I encourage you to listen to this episode regularly if it’s of service to you. The invitation is to allow yourself to trust in something greater than your productivity. Imagine that you may live in a kind of inspired action that is informed by a much deeper place than your mind.

Lola Wright: I’m very grateful for your practice. I’m very grateful for your willingness to become still. Very grateful for your willingness to consider that there is something greater moving in you as you and through you that you can tap into. Call it the still small voice, the spirit of life, the soul, the presence, whatever word choice works for you. Just know that you are something greater than just this dimension of reality. You are that and you are so much more.

Lola Wright: I’d love to know what you thought of this meditation episode. Email me at podcast@bodhicenter.org. Find me on Instagram and Facebook. I’d love to hear how you’re doing. I can be found @lolapwright, and if you’re not already following, Bodhi, do that too @bodhichicago.

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Lola Wright: This podcast is produced by Katie Klocksin with editorial guidance from Bodhi’s creative producer Tyler Greene. I’m your host, Lola Wright music for this episode is provided by Blue Dot Sessions. Our theme music is by independent music producer Trey Royal. I look forward to breathing with you again soon.



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