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MEDITATION: Visioning Your Life For the New Year

By January 1, 2020January 22nd, 2020Podcast

Happy New Year and New You! Grab a pen, a piece of paper, and a comfortable place to sit for this guided visioning meditation. Host Lola Wright shares some of her personal history with the powerful practice of visioning, then guides you through your own visioning practice inspired by Michael Bernard Beckwith’sLife Visioning.

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Lola Wright: House of Bodhi with Lola Wright has two upcoming live experiences at City Winery in Chicago’s West loop neighborhood. We will be at City Winery on January 7th and on February 4th. Start off this new year with an experience of conscious community, an experience of moving your body, an experience of the ridiculous music of the Bodhi House Band, an inspiring talk from me, and incredible guest artists. House of Bodhi is intended to support you and me in rising up and out of the inertia of the status quo into higher states of creativity, aliveness and freedom. I firmly believe that if you and I can locate ourselves in a place of great freedom, the contribution we can be on the planet is extraordinary. Go online, get your tickets, invite a friend, bring someone along with you. bodhicenter.org. I cannot wait to see you soon.

Lola Wright: You are more than this meat suit. A feeling lasts 90 seconds. Awakening is for the many, not the few. Hello, happy new year and happy new you. Welcome to And This Is Bodhi. I’m your host, Lola Wright. We’re taking a short break between seasons one and two of this podcast, so for the month of January I’ll be dropping a meditation episode for you here every Wednesday. Then starting in February, we’ll be back with season two of this incredible podcast. We are still making plans for some of the upcoming episodes and it’s a great time for us to hear from you. I’d love to know what you most want from this podcast, so email us at podcast@bodhicenter.org. That’s B O D H I, Bodhi. Podcast@bodhicenter.org. Let us know. What have you liked so far about this podcast or perhaps something you were less fond of. We can take it, I promise. As we shaped season two, what do you want from this digital gathering space? Your voice matters.

Lola Wright: Very, very excited to kick off this calendar year. Really some element of each of these meditation episodes will involve the life visioning process. This is really an incredible, incredible practice that is instrumental to every aspect of my life. Every powerful thing that I’ve created in my life. Intimate relationships, career purpose, passion, connection, creativity, have all come through the practice of the life visioning process as formed by my dear friend Michael Bernard Beckwith. So we’re so often used to the practice of visualizing, you know, create a vision board. And those by the way are very powerful, wonderful, incredible practices. I will personally be participating in our Vision Your Life workshop with the brilliant author, coach expert Sarah Connell on January 5th at Bodhi Center. So yes to vision boards, yes to intentional practice. And this meditative practice of the life visioning process is not about you and I forming an already existing picture in our mind and then attaching to that.

Lola Wright: It’s actually a much more mystical practice. We’re listening to something deeper than the mind’s activity. There’s actually an aspect of your being that is completely encoded with all that you should need and want to bring the appointment of your soul forward. Would you be willing to consider that there is an appointment, an idea, a unique purpose that was pressed into you in another dimension of reality.

Lola Wright: So there are five questions in the life visioning process. I’ll go through this meditative experience. I’ll narrate you through it. You’ll just want to have a piece of paper and pen at your side. Find yourself in a really comfortable and supportive position. I want you to feel like this is uninterrupted time, so whatever you need to do to create that you are worth it. It is valuable for you. I’m asking you not to figure this out.

Lola Wright: For example, when I was a little girl, I knew I was to be on a platform, on a stage communicating something. At first it looked like as a singer and that morphed, evolved, shifted, changed. When I was 20 years old, I saw Michael Beckwith speak in Palm Springs, California. I’d sort of won this lottery to be at this event. It made absolutely no sense and yet it was completely by divine appointment. I found myself there. I had never heard of this human being before and when he spoke he hit an aspect of me and I just knew instantly I’m here for this. I don’t even know what that guy is doing up there. I don’t know what he is speaking of or from, but I’m here to do and be that. And what I knew was that there was a quality to his speaking. There was a truth. Something that transcended this material realm that was not limited by the constrictions of this dimension of reality and I wanted to support people in accessing their infinite nature.

Lola Wright: I knew that what he was speaking, it was so real and potent. You are the presence of all that is. You are the presence of love. You are literally a magnet of the universe and so our practice is to weed out all of the false and limiting beliefs that are producing a kind of experience that is less than what we desire. The visioning process is designed to reconnect you with or to connect you with the high idea of and for your life. This practice is not one that will be friendly to the mind. I’m asking you to access something more deeply here. It doesn’t have to make sense. This is not a logical practice. This is a highly intuitive and creative practice. I’ll lead you through this meditative process. You’ll want to listen. Pay attention to your sensory experience. What do you see? What do you feel? What do you taste? What do you hear? Tap into your sensory experience. You can listen to this podcast over and over and over again as a way to support you in your visioning practice. You can do this specific to the area of relationships or finances, career. You can do it more globally like what’s your Dharma? What’s your purpose? I trust that you’ll know what you are to vision for today and listen to this podcast as many times as you’d like so that you can be led through the visioning process.

Lola Wright: All right, so now that you have yourself settled in your seat. With your environment set up to support you in this experience of reflection and deep listening. Make sure you have a piece of paper and a pen nearby. Just allow yourself to rest easy in this perfect moment.

Lola Wright: Placing our awareness on the presence of freedom of joy, peace of love, harmony, balance, wholeness, vitality, creativity, abundance. Just allow these words to invoke the unseen realm, the place in space where the mind is free. Where you can rest easy in this infinite capacity.

Lola Wright: So just allowing yourself to be fully present with this eternal now moment, this perfect peace that is always here. Knowing that that is in fact the truth of who you are, that you are one with infinite presence.

Lola Wright: That this universal presence is nearer than your breath and vaster than your being. You are the presence of all that is good. We use the sacred time of reflection to listen deeply. The only instruction in this practice is to not censor that which comes through you. Allow the still small voice, the inner guidance system of your soul to inform you through words sounds, images, senses.

Lola Wright: So again, resting easy in this sacred space, we ask ourselves the question, as we move into this new calendar year, what is the highest vision of and for my life?

Lola Wright: Allowing the mind to relax and listening to something more deeply. This need not be logical. There’s nothing to figure out. We ask the question, what is the highest vision of and for my life? Again, censoring nothing. Writing down on the paper beside you, whatever words, phrases, pictures, images, senses that are coming through.

Lola Wright: Just trust the inner voice.

Lola Wright: Taking a deep breath, trusting the vision that’s moving through you. We ask ourselves the next question. What are the universal qualities of this vision? What are the qualities of the infinite, the qualities of the universe that are seeking to be expressed through this vision?

Lola Wright: Invite yourself to breathe deeply into this now moment. You might tune in to words that are formless. Qualities of the universe go beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend.

Lola Wright: Love, joy, peace, freedom, wholeness, balance, vitality, creativity, harmony, abundance. What are the unique universal qualities that are seeking to come through you and this vision? Allowing your belly to soften and your shoulders to fall. Trusting that as these words, these images have come through you’ve written them down before you. Trusting that there is a vision of and for your life that goes beyond the mind’s finite capacity to understand. We ask ourselves this next question. What must I release? What must I let go of? What must I lay down in order for this high vision of and for my life to be made manifest?

Lola Wright: So again, listening to the still small voice, relaxing the need to understand or figure out that which is coming through you, trusting that you are infinitely and eternally connected to every aspect of this vast universe. You tap into the infinite intelligence, the one universal mind, that is coursing through you as you in you. So trusting that we are more than this physical dimension of reality, we tap into the quantum field and we ask ourselves this next question. Who must I become or what must I embrace in order for this vision to be made manifest?

Lola Wright: Breathing in deeply, allowing the still small voice to lead guide and direct you. If you notice the activity of the mind, just allow it to be. Nothing to manage, nothing to control. Trust your intuition that’s informing you in this process. Writing down whatever is coming through.

Lola Wright: We ask ourselves this final question. As I allow this high vision of and for my life to use me this day, as I avail myself to the infinite intelligence of the universe, as I open myself up to this portal, this channel of and for good that is coursing through me. I ask myself this question: Is there anything else I need to know of and about this vision such that I may be available to its fulfillment?

Lola Wright: Is there anything else I need to know in order for this vision to come to form?

Lola Wright: Again, judging and critiquing nothing. Censoring nothin. Allowing whatever words, thoughts, images, feelings, sensations, sounds, lyrics. Whatever’s coming through, trust that it is right and good and of service to this high and Holy vision. Bring your writing to a close. Realizing that this vision that has come forward is already done in this universal mind and this quantum field it is already fulfilled for we know that this thing called time and space is nothing more than a projection. It is nothing more than an illusion. So we can rest easy in the fulfillment of this vision.

Lola Wright: I absolutely know that we are each led, guided and directed to take inspired action that’s in alignment with the high idea of who we are each here to be in this upcoming calendar year. We can lay down any neurotic sense of needing to effort, or to control or to struggle through. We can allow the presence of all that is to inform our every move. So I’m very grateful for this. I’m very grateful for this practice. I absolutely know that as we avail ourselves to this high idea of a life as us freedom comes forward. There is this extraordinary capacity in the universe to reflect back to us that which we affirm, that which we amplify. So I know that the vision that has come through us this day is absolutely magnetic. All is well here. Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, amplifying, elevating, magnifying the intention, the vision that you’ve just allowed to come through you. When you’re ready, take a deep breath and open your eyes.

Lola Wright: I’d love to know what you thought of this meditation episode. What was the experience of visioning like for you? Email me at podcast@bodhicenter.org or find me on Instagram and Facebook @lolapwright, and of course, follow Bodhi Center @bodhichicago. A reminder that all of Bodhi’s programmings are made possible by our amazing contributors. If this work is meaningful to you, I would love for you to text the word GIVE to (773) 770-8577 or visit bodhicenter.org/giving. I am able to create this digital gathering space and our live monthly experiences, our classes, our workshops because you are generous, you subsidize these offerings for thousands of people and for that, I am grateful.

Lola Wright: This podcast is produced by Katie Klocksin with editorial guidance from Bodhi’s creative producer, Tyler Greene. I’m your host, Lola Wright. Music for this episode is provided by Blue Dot Sessions. I look forward to being with you next week.



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