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Vision Fulfilled

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“We are in a great time of year to really tap into this collective consciousness that may oftentimes be known as holidays or holy days. There is a collective intention to be reflective this time of year. Most often when we have the experience of a vision unfulfilled, it’s because either we haven’t spent the necessary intention and reflection time to get clear on what it is we desire, and / or we don’t believe it’s possible.” 

The phrase “vision fulfilled” has been popping into host Lola Wright’s mind lately. She describes two personal experiences with fulfilled visions, then guides you through connecting with a larger vision for your own life. “There is some contribution that you are uniquely here to bring.” 

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New Series For January: “Power And Purpose”

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As we begin a new year this January, we kick off a timely new series titled “Power and Purpose.” Now is a time when many people make resolutions. But what if, as a community, we moved beyond simply making resolutions? What if we woke up to the infinite creative power individualized in each of us, and married it to the discovery of our unique purpose? As Rev. Lola says, that marriage is when something magical happens. Read More

A Purpose Higher Than Ourselves

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Yesterday we explored the work of Marianne Williamson. She is a bold voice for transformation on the planet. She recently said, “Our salvation lies in being available for the healing of the other. Our purpose here is to be used for something higher than ourselves.” Over the last 18 months we have dug in on the concept of Building the beLOVEd Community, a concept rooted in the notion that we are innately compelled to rise up from our small selves and live in support of a greater cause. Read More