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“Living And Loving Your Purpose” By Reverend Lola Wright

By January 22, 2018February 11th, 2020Messages

On Sunday, Rev. Lola Wright continued our January series “Power & Purpose” with her message, “Living And Loving Your Purpose.”


Last Sunday my talk was titled “Speak Your Truth. It’s Time.” In that talk I offered a strong critique of a trend in today’s Christian church – one that presents itself as progressive and yet holds policies that marginalize its members. At the conclusion of that talk I shared 7 Statements of Belief I wrote for our community – rooted in our principles:

We believe as intrinsically connected organisms, it is our responsibility to care and tend to the most VULNERABLE among us—such that all of humanity may experience material peace and comfort.

We believe ENTITLEMENTS are our collective moral mandate to a loving and just global society, ensuring access to food, shelter, education, and healthcare.

We believe DIVERSITY of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, and religion demonstrates the most glorious aspects of God—and the multiplicity of our unity is celebrated through our differences.

We believe the TRANSGENDER expression is holy, ancient, mystical, and worthy of celebration—a divine appointment that stirs uniquely in the soul.

We believe a woman has dominion over her uterus, is divinely guided to determine the future of her FETUS, and has agency over her entire body.

We believe EVIDENCE-BASED practices demonstrate the evolution of human consciousness and greatly advance our understanding of this vast universe.

We believe SCIENCE-BASED research is essential in addressing climate change and caring for our planet and its resources.

Chris Plunkett introduces me to Tim Schraeder founder of ChurchClarity.org (see pic) he’s living on purpose and I am living on purpose – thus our paths cross

SLIDE: Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put into every heart. – Rumi

There is a unique idea…a divine appointment of and for your life
You and your life have been designed for its fulfillment
Examine your life and align with your appointment
Get on purpose and be the blessing you’re here to be!
The month is Power & Purpose – let’s first define those terms:
SLIDE: Power – The energy by which everything lives. Every time man thinks, he sets the Law in motion, he is specializing it for some definite purpose. There is neither competition or monopoly. It leaves each to work out his own salvation, not with fear and trembling, but with a calm sense of peace and assurance. Man may transmute as much of the Infinite Energy into degrees of power as he chooses to use. – The Science of Mind Glossary
There is a presence that is right where you are. It is the very same energy that is in all things.
Your thinking capacity is your creative medium – it is the HOW in back of form. You have a unique means by which to use this Law.
There is no limit and there is no lack in your creation
You may use as much of this divine energy as you choose.

The question “Why am I here?”
SLIDE: Three Aspects of Purpose:
Essence – most fundamental aspect of purpose; pure being; subtle; others can sense your essence more easily than you can
Blessing – the bridge between being and doing; when essence moves into action; your unique process; you are doing it all the time without realizing it
Mission – a specific task that needs to be performed; a specific application of your blessing and essence
Your purpose lives in your soul. It is native to you.
This life is to discover and exercise your purpose.
That does not mean it is intended to be comfortable.
Bank of America Investment Services to Retail Banking
SLIDE: The question of purpose is about what you are designed to do, what you’re meant to do – not what you like or dislike doing. – True Purpose by Tim Kelley
Landscape Architect, Massage Therapist/Personal Trainer, Fundraiser, Executive Search, Organic Farmer, Dentist
From BofA to Bodhi
SLIDE: The mission is the scariest aspect of purpose, and usually the last to be revealed. Most people have mixed feelings about having a mission: They both desire to have the meaning and guidance mission provides and fear the responsibility such a task demands. For this reason, the soul is often reluctant to disclose the details of the mission. If the mission is disclosed prematurely, the ego could, out of fear, shut down progress towards the purpose. – True Purpose by Tim Kelley

Journaling “Flow” Experiences by Tim Kelley
When are the times in my life when I’ve felt most passionate?
When are the times in my life when I’ve felt most fulfilled?
When are the times in my life when I’ve felt my life has had the most meaning?
When are the times in my life when I’ve felt most aligned?
When are the times in my life when I’ve experienced ease, flow, synchronicity, and serendipity?

Prayer & Meditation


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