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New Series For January: “Power And Purpose”

By January 4, 2018February 2nd, 2018Blogs

As we begin a new year this January, we kick off a timely new series titled “Power and Purpose.” Now is a time when many people make resolutions. But what if, as a community, we moved beyond simply making resolutions? What if we woke up to the infinite creative power individualized in each of us, and married it to the discovery of our unique purpose? As Rev. Lola says, that marriage is when something magical happens.

Here’s more from Rev. Lola on this month’s series:

“Because of free will, we can use our power for good or for destruction. When you marry power with purpose, something magical occurs. There is a creative power right where you are. You are one with all that is. The infinite capacity of the Universe is individualized as you. And when you align with this power and partner it with purpose, you can transcend time and space.

So to know yourself as a agent of and for the creative power of the Universe is step one. To identify your unique purpose, your unique appointment for being on the planet is step two.

So how do you identify your unique purpose? One of the best ways I know how to do that is to pay attention to what brings me alive: what do I love doing? What enables me to experience the absence of time and space? The thing that I could do forever. And it could show up in many different arenas.

So how do you identify your unique purpose? One of the best ways I know how to do that is to pay attention to what brings you alive.

I think the biggest misnomer about purpose is that it comes in the shape of a job title. Purpose for me is more a quality than it is a designation. So to come to understand the qualities that are of the highest value to me, that which makes me resonate, that which makes me sing, makes me dance, that which I want to give away to every human being I encounter.

The two highest qualities or values that I hold are freedom and wholeness. They’re the things I want most clearly for myself and the things I want most clearly for others. And the way that I got to know these was paying attention to what I don’t like and paying attention to what I do like. And I’ve crafted a life that is in alignment evermore to those qualities. Just imagine if we created a community of human beings and mobilized a movement that invited humanity into a greater sense of personal power!”


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  • Karen Holt says:

    Hi Bodhi!
    Is the Power and Purpose series a class or the series of talks for the January services. If it’s a class, I would like to sign up?
    Please let me know…Thanks!

    • Bodhi Spiritual Center says:

      Hi Karen! “Power and Purpose” is our January theme, as reflected in our Sunday Celebrations services and their messages — it’s not a class. However, we do have a full Winter Education schedule featuring classes, workshops and events listed on our Education page.

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