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Our October Series: Open At The Top

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Taking on fixed worldviews creates a sense of safety and security that human beings have long been conditioned to find comfort in. And yet, every mystical tradition encourages a childlike disposition of curiosity for greater exploration of both the inner world of imagination and the external world of conditions. The great mystics, masters, saints, and sages have always pointed humanity to an inner world that may serve as a well of guidance, inspiration, wisdom, and intelligence.

The great philosopher Ernest Holmes would famously ask, “Can you afford the consequences of the way you are thinking?” Consider the great inventors of history. They never accepted the limitations before them. They always remained open. There are an infinite number of solutions to any circumstance or condition. As we remain open to new possibilities, new developments, new innovations, we avail ourselves to something greater than that meets the eye.

To be “Open At The Top” is to walk through life with a willingness for something new to emerge, a receptivity to alternate perspectives, and an assertion that there is an evolutionary impulse to life that is not fixed or ending. In October, we invoke a greater sense of wonder. We expand our capacity for imagination, ingenuity, and curiosity such that “out of nowhere and no way, a way is made.”

“Feel the Presence in the sacred place of your consciousness. Then use the Power. Your thoughts will change the conditions of your life.” – Ernest Holmes

Our September Series: Who You Be

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Everything you do is informed by who you are being. You are either in a conscious state with the capacity to witness yourself — what makes you tick, what triggers you, the origin of your preferences, your tendency to write and believe storylines that orient your worldview, OR you are unconsciously reacting to stimuli with little awareness of your internal disposition in any given moment — fixed judgements, rigid opinions and beliefs, sweeping statements, loud biases, recurring painful patterns, habituated reactions — much like the tail wagging the dog.

As human beings become more aware of their internal state and shift the locus of control from exterior to interior awareness, conditions will improve both for the individual and the planet. When human beings are connected to the nuanced reactivity within their internal state, there is greater capacity to access compassion and generosity in relationship with other human beings. As we each awaken to our strengths and vulnerabilities, and develop the capacity to accept and evolve those states, we have a greater ability to understand and BE with other human beings.

In September, we devote ourselves to the practice of self-awareness, recognizing that there is an evolutionary necessity on the planet at this time in history for human beings to take responsibility for “Who You Be”.