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Light and Heat

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Join us for an interfaith story slam as we come together across traditions to eat great food, sing songs of the season, and to tell stories of hope and defiance. Tellers include master storytellers Pastors Vince Amlin, Rebecca Anderson, Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann, Lola Wright, and more! Event will include an hour of open bar and holiday nosh prepared by James Beard Award-Winning Chef and Top Chef Master Debbie Gold.

Register now. Last year’s event sold out!

Where: Tied House, 3157 N. Southport Ave.
When: Saturday, December 8th, 6:30 – 10p
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2019 Winter Freedom Camp for Teens

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Join a powerful cohort of teens to explore mind freedom and purpose on the planet! No doubt we are living in a very complex world. This fun, interactive 3-day/2 night weekend is designed to foster awareness and connection to personal beliefs, challenges, and the collective power of youth freedom.

Who: Teens aged 13-19
Where: House in the Wood, Delavan, WI
When: 2019 Martin Luther King Holiday Weekend (Saturday, January 19th-Monday, January 21st)
Cost: $360 (Includes Lodging, Meals & Ground Transportation to and from Bodhi)

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Our November Series: Reciprocity

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For Bodhi’s 15th anniversary month, we celebrate the Law of Reciprocity, which asserts that there is a flow to life. As we give, so do we receive. Of course, reciprocation is not a 1:1 experience. When you circulate your time, your talent, or your money, it is not that you should expect to receive that currency in return, although you may. The inquiry within one’s being is to determine if the channels of circulation are open or clogged. 

The antidote to scarcity is circulation. To demonstrate the capacity of this generous Universe you must activate the Law of Reciprocity. If you are experiencing scarcity of time, start being generous with your time. Get into Sacred Service. Give yourself away. The suggestion is not martyrdom. The suggestion is living a life of generosity. Trust that as you move with greater faith and generosity, you will not be left out of the equation.

In November, we activate the reciprocal nature of the Universe by circulating our time, our talent, and our money. We notice any tendency to grip or hold tightly when circulating. We move through any fear of loss or feelings of scarcity, deepening our knowing that we are always supported.

Your Next Stage of Growth – Gaylon McDowell

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Rev. Gaylon McDowell talks to getting to the next stage of growth in life and making sense of some of the issues facing us today by speaking about how consciousness leads to form; how that creates conflicts; how those conflicts lead to anger, frustration, and fear; and how we can break that cycle. Listen, watch, or read the talk now, which is part of this month’s series, “Open at the Top.”

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Resting in the Unknown – Lola Wright

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Lola Wright honors John Carlos’, who was in attendance, and his iconic work of bringing attention to racism in American by talking to how we can all serve on the planet at this time in history with, “Resting in the Unknown”. Listen, watch, or read the talk, which is part of this month’s series, “Open at the Top.”

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Faitheist: Finding Our Common Humanity – Chris Stedman

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For our “Open at the Top” series this month, former evangelical Christian, and current humanist community builder Chris Stedman (author of Faitheist: How an Atheist Found Common Ground with the Religious) discussed his journey and how people of all religious and nonreligious identities can work to better understand one another, build solidarity, and identify areas of shared concern.

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