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Introducing: And This Is Bodhi with Lola Wright

By October 13, 2019January 22nd, 2020Podcast

Coming in late October from the Bodhi Center in Chicago, And This Is Bodhi with Lola Wright is a weekly podcast hosted by Lola Wright that offers interviews, meditations, and reflections intended to bring awareness to the unconscious parts of you, loosen the grip of your neuroses and beg the question, “What contribution am I here to make?” It’s a thought-provoking, humorous and heart-opening space that promises to support you in your awakening.

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For more information on Bodhi Center, please visit us at bodhicenter.org.

For more information on Lola Wright, please visit her at lolawright.com.

This “talk” is electronically transcribed. Please excuse any errors or omissions.

Lola Wright: Hello, welcome to And This Is Bodhi. I am your host, Lola Wright and I am so excited to share this new podcast with you. Bodhi Center is an incredible spot based in my hometown Chicago. The big idea is that together we disrupt the status quo consciousness of fear, we gather to rise into higher states of awareness and self expression such that we can access creativity, joy, love, peace, freedom, abundance, because here’s the deal, that is your nature. And it is only because we have fallen into this sleepy state that we have forgotten our true nature. And This Is Bodhi is a gathering space, a digital gathering space where you and I can practice together. It is said that the Buddha awakened under the Bodhi tree. Bodhi is not a Buddhist community, but we bow deeply to the Buddhist path and what we affirm is that awakening is for the many not the few.

Lola Wright: I am the CEO of Bodhi Center. I am also the executive producer and host of a live experience based out of Chicago, House of Bodhi with Lola Wright. I am also an ordained minister of ancient wisdom and new thought teachings. I am a coach, consultant, mother, lover, friend. So on this show you’ll hear from me and I’ll interview some of the kindest, boldest, fiercest, and most inspiring folks that are on the planet today. For episodes one and two I had the extraordinary privilege of sitting down with artist, activist, musician, mystic, Saul Williams. We talked about so many things. We explored the state of education in this country. We explored race, religion, the upcoming presidential election. So there was just a lot of good, juicy stuff that we explored and I know that you will be fed by it. I know that you will be inspired by it. I suspect it may provoke you at times and I trust that you and I can be in a practice of not letting our triggers take us out of our learning.

Saul Williams: The time between the first explorers arriving on the North American continent and then the arrival of the pilgrims – there’s a hundred years between that time. When the pilgrims arrived there like… We had writings that said that there were hundreds and thousands of people here. Where are they? The germs from that first arrival over the course of a hundred years may have already killed like 75% of the population. There’s a whole history that we’re not even fucking taught.

Lola Wright: That’s right.

Saul Williams: We need to know this.

Lola Wright: . Yes. Subscribe to this podcast. Tell your friends and family about this podcast. We are cooking up so much. Goodness. Give yourself the gift of connection. Thank you.


Bodhi is a conscious community in Chicago, IL. We offer in person and online experiences for people who are ready to transform themselves and their world. Bodhi uses media, education, entertainment, and like-minded community to support transformation.

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