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Like success, prosperity is something many people aspire to create in their lives—and also like success, it’s a concept with many definitions. Here, in the beginning of her Sunday message “The Secret of Permanent Prosperity,” Edwene Gaines shares what it means to her with four main tenets.

Edwene Gaines speaking at Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago, IL.

Edwene Gaines speaking at Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago, IL

Click the button to begin listening to the audio of the message at 5:07, when Edwene shares her prosperity definition. Read the bulleted points based on the transcript below.

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1. Bodily Health

Prosperity is a viably alive, healthy body for this God-being that we are, to express through.

2. Relationships

Prosperity is relationships that are joyous, satisfying, intimate, honest and nurturing—and ones that work all the time.

3. Work

Prosperity is work that we love—so much so that it’s not work, it’s play.

4. Money

Prosperity is all the money we can spend.

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