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You Are A Light Being – Lola Wright

By April 22, 2019February 10th, 2020Events, Home, Messages

You are here as a resurrector. You are here to wake yourself up and to support others to wake up. Listen, watch, or read Lola’s talk titled “You Are A Light Being”, from our Alternative Easter Celebration.

This “talk” is electronically transcribed. Please excuse any errors or omissions.

Lola: There’s a lyric in that tune that says, “We all know, sometimes life’s hates and troubles can make you wish you were born in another time and space.” I wonder if you know anything about that. If you’ve ever thought, “I think I was born into the wrong family. They just don’t get me. I think I was born into the wrong neighborhood, it shouldn’t be like this. I think I was born into the wrong time and space. This should not be like this.” Yet, if there is this idea that all of life is perfect, that there is some high idea. That, in fact, the universe is always working in an orderly fashion, then how could that be?

Lola: We know this guy called Moses thought for sure he was not the one. “Not me. Don’t pick me. I’m not here for that. I have this stutter. It’s not going to work. They’re not going to follow me.” I’m imagining that there may have been a time or two where this guy would call Jesus was like, “Really? Me? Now?” I would say that the same may be true for you. That there are some things that go on in your world and you think, “How can this be? I cannot with this.” Yet, I would actually encourage you to consider that you were born for this. That you have, in fact, pressed through into this time and space because you are the exact right thing that is needed.

Lola: That who you are, as you are, is perfect and perfectly oriented for this now moment. We’re talking about this in our foundations class the other night, and someone said, “In my family, I’m considered a freak of nature.” I said, “It sounds like you think that’s a bad thing.” They said, “What?” I said, “I think that’s a beautiful thing.” A freak of nature, the holiest, highest idea, unduplicatable?

Audience: Yes, come on.

Lola: How could there be anything wrong with you as that? See, no one can do this thing like you can do this thing. Your expression is needed and wanted. When you say yes to that, that, however, is not a guarantee of an easy life. There is this old-school term called chemicalization. I just want to introduce it to you if you’re not familiar with it. Conflict that takes place on a high spiritual realization contacts and old error state of consciousness. Whenever a new spiritual idea is introduced into the mind, some negative belief is disturbed. Thus, it resists. Old error thoughts contend for their place, and they refuse to go out.

Lola: When you expand into the new high and holy idea of who you are here to be, your “I am” presence, the spiritual nature of life as you expect everything unlike it to come up. It’s not like, “Well, I finally decided I’m ready to claim the “I am” presence. Here I am.” Life will be like bow, bow, bow, bow, bow. Then, who will you be? Like I say all the time, it’s easy to be easy when things are easy. Anybody can do that. How can you be easy when life is tumultuous? Last week, my friend Galen McDowell gave you some homework. He loves to give homework.

Lola: I’m going to read to you some of the homework he invited you to practice this week. Then really check and see if you want to affirm it again because chemicalization is going to get if you say yes to this. I am love. I am peace. I am wisdom. I am divine health, and I am prosperity right now. Let’s take a deep breath, and see if you want to step into that state of consciousness, if you want to step in to being the presence of that. Moses said I am that I am. Jesus said, “I’m the One.” Now, people misunderstood that and thought that he meant he was the only one. He just said, “I’m the One.” Imagine you and I walked on the planet saying, “I’m the one. I’m the one. I am the one.”

Lola: I always love to say, “What if we called you Jeffrey Christ? What if we called you Nathan Christ? What if we called you John Dylan Christ?” You’re like, “Well, please, don’t do that.” Christ means the anointed one. The anointing lives in you. It is your name. It is your nature. Will you answer it? Are you ready? If you don’t want to say it, don’t say it. I always say take a deep breath. If you are not ready for this, just hold your breath. Ready? Here we go. I am love. I am peace. I am wisdom. I am divine health, and I am prosperity right now. That’s what you are. That’s who you are. Wen you start to listen to the storing of your soul, when you start to trust in the unseen realm, you begin to liberate yourself from bondage.

Lola: See, this idea of Passover is a celebration of the Israelites from the enslavement of Egypt, but they actually were never in Egypt. If you look at all history, there’s absolutely no indication that they were in Egypt. Would you be willing to just try on a metaphor? I know we like the literal, but this teaching is about the metaphor. Egypt metaphysically represents sense consciousness, represents the awareness of this realm of reality. They were liberated from Egypt. They were liberated from sense consciousness. If you are liberated from sense consciousness, what are you awaken to? A high spiritual idea that you are more than that what you perceive. You’re more than that what you sense. You are a high idea and the mind of the infinite.

Lola: Joel Goldsmith says it like this, “In seeking God through Jesus, men failed to find the omnipresent Christ in their own consciousness.” It’s interesting. I was with a group yesterday. They said, “So, tomorrow’s a big day for you, right?” I said, “I find that annoying to be quite frank.” They’re like, “What do you mean?” I’m like, “Every year, we have to talk about the same story and every year, the onus is on me to come up with a new idea of the same story. Anybody here like to tell the same old story about themselves and look for a new audience?” It’s interesting, because the predominant story about this guy, Jesus, is that He came to save you.

Lola: If He had to save you, something must be wrong with you. Here’s the way the brain works. This is just neurology. You keep saying the same thing over and over and over again, guess what you start to believe. If there’s a collective consciousness that keeps affirming and asserting that something’s inherently wrong with you, that you’re broke and you’re wounded, you’re a sinner, you can create all kinds of systems and structures. You have come here because you’re interested in another idea, a new thought about an old story. Would you be willing to consider that you, in fact, are a light being? You are a channel. You are a portal for the universe to express itself. You are here to liberate people of their suffering.

Lola: You’re here to interrupt the addictive thought patterns that are deeply, deeply invested in separation. Now, in order for you to be prepared to do that work, you have to have a very strong discipline of your own wellness. I would encourage a strong discipline of meditation and prayer. Because if you are going to invoke the process of chemicalization, such that anything and everything on the high idea of you comes forward, you better be ready. You better be ready. See, there’s a song perhaps you remember it. “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our mind.” That was based on the teachings of Marcus Garvey. Marcus Garvey was really invoking the power of the mind to create.

Lola: See, if you can keep this space, not your brain but your mind, the narratives that move through you, if you can keep a high idea of who and what you are, what you could create would be a free, holy liberated self. Now, it’s interesting that we’re living in this time that we’re living in the United States of America. We are in a chemicalization. The evolutionary impulse of humanity is expanding. We’re actually getting closer to potentially touching the hem of the garment of oneness. Then what must come up? Everything unlike it. As we’ve said many times before, this is not new and the gift is there’s a readiness, because it wouldn’t come to the foreground if there wasn’t some level of collective agreement to deal with it.

Lola: I always say imagine, someone puts on an orange suit, and presses through and says, “I’ll take one for the team.” I’ll get so obnoxious. I’ll get so vial. I’ll build a whole kingdom based on separation. It’s like poke the bear, poke the bear, poke the bear. Imagine 1,000 years goes by, and we thank the present day administration for the healing that they caused and the hint humanity. I thank this administration. Bring it, bring it. See, we have these ideas of our high self, of our holy self, of our creative self, of our individualized expression of freedom. We have an adolescent understanding that once we declare that, life should get easy. Life does not get easier. You become more skillful. You become more skillful.

Lola: The undisciplined mind is the greatest source of bondage. To experience true freedom, you must embrace real discipline. I don’t care what you think about Beyonce, but she does not play. Go watch her. She works. She has an idea that she wants to create. She’s not expecting some Santa Claus figure in the sky to drop in her lap, 218 pounds. I was like, “Wow, I had no idea.” She worked. Imagine that’s your life. Every moment, are you ready to work? Are you ready to work? Are you ready to work? If you are on purpose, your work enlivens you. It does not deplete you. Discipline is one of the most underrated experiences. We’ve become a McDonald’s society. Fast and easy baby. Give it to me.

Lola: My husband said recently, he said, “I think you better tell the kids you’re like 20 plus year overnight sensation.” Just preparing, preparing, preparing, preparing, preparing, preparing. Preparing for what? I don’t know, but I know I’m here to do something good. One ready, ready. When I find myself in my low-vibration self, when I find myself now, hear the distinction. I’m a big believer of feeling your feelings all the way through to completion. I’m a big believer in feeling your sadness, feeling your fear, feeling your anger. When you camp out there, you suck your life force energy. You diminish your Kundalini. You squash your qi. Feel it, and keep it moving. Feel it, keep it moving. Feel it, keep it moving. Feel it, keep it moving. That the necessary camp around you to pour into you and lift you up.

Lola: There’s a high idea of Him for your life. Jesus did not come to be the great story. He came to say, “You ready? Let’s do this. You ready? Let’s do this.” His time was done at 33 years. He provoked a chemicalization. He sat and He said, “I am the way, the truth. I am. I am.” You could say that. Then they said, “So you say you’re the king of the Jews?” He said, I didn’t say that. You said that. I just said I am. I just said I am.” See, when you step into your fullness, a lot of people around you will get scared. It’s more comfortable for you to stay small. It doesn’t disrupt anything. It keeps the status quo moving. But you’re not here for maintenance. You’re here to agitate the consciousness of humanity into its next expression.

Lola: You are a light being. You’re here to shine yourself on the places that are broke down, on the places that are tired, on the places that would love that double cheeseburger. Then you say to yourself, “Hang on a second. It’s going to feel good for a minute. Is that really what I’m here for? Is that really what I’m here for?” Gay Hendricks says that if you were actually willing to feel your full aliveness, you’d stand next to a eucalyptus bush and be aroused. That’s way too much life force, baby. Then you have to expand your container, expand your capacity, keep.

Lola: Let me ground myself. I am the “I am”. I am the presence of all that is good. I am here to be open and available to the good of God, the high, and holy expression of the universe to press through me. I’m here to be an invitation for others. I want to invite the high side. I have a pretty low threshold for victim stories. If you want to play there and hang out there, I’m not your girl. How available are you for victim stories? How much time can you spend there? It doesn’t do anything for anyone. Everything begins in mind, for your mind, and create a new reality. The big idea of Jesus, the big idea of Moses was get that nonsense out of your mental space. I don’t care that 600 laws are being slapped down every day trying to lock up the impoverished. Keep your mind right.

Lola: There is a presence within you that will do with the work. There is a presence within you. Don’t get distracted. Don’t get distracted. See, one of my favorite lyrics, the first spiritual awakening that I had out of the tradition, I was raised in came through, this guy called Q-Tip The Abstract. He said, because the job of resurrectors is to wake up the dead. You’re here to wake up the dead. You’re here to wake up the dead in you. You’re here to wake up the dead in others. People are sleepwalking in this existence. People are living like they’re waiting to die.

Lola: You’re a resurrector, baby. You’re here to support people in waking up. Where are you asleep? Where are you asleep? The enemy is nothing more than a thought form. The enemy is nothing more than a thought form. You’re going to call in your high and holy self. That’s the invitation. That you could actually leave here today in an expanded awareness of who and what you’re here to be. Now for those of you that hear that as a lot of work, just take a breath. You don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to do the heavy lifting. All that you’re invited to do is align with this universal intelligence, the unified field of awareness that is knocking at the door of your soul, knocking at the door of your experience saying, “Please, please let me use you. Please let me use you.”



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    “Life will be like Bow-Bow-Bow-Bow-Bow! And then who will you be?” You will be the person who connects the dots between Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin. You will be the person who gives the kids from Parkland a break so they can be kids again instead of ponies at the school shooting pony show. You will be the Pied Piper of White People, playing the flute for Truth & Reconciliation, integrating rooms until integration is synonymous with everyday life. You will be your keeper’s keeper, but still not your brother’s keeper, since your brother is an asshole!

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