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Time of Change – Lola Wright

By May 25, 2019June 1st, 2019Events, Home
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Change is inevitable. You can always count on it. On July 31 we will celebrate the end our time at the Vittum Theater. We want you in this process with us.

Please share your vision and dreams for Bodhi by emailing office@bodhispiritualcenter.org to participate in creating the global impact that Bodhi is here to make. We are excited to have you on this journey with us and look forward to what’s next!

This transcript is electronically produced. Please excuse any errors or omissions.

Lola: Change is inevitable. It’s always going to happen. Some of us have an easy relationship to change and experience it as an adventure. Some of us relate to this thing called change with great resistance. Some of us relate to this thing called change with a sense of ambivalence. But I assure you, it is the thing you can always count on. That has certainly been my experience at Bodhi.

Lola: Leading a dynamic, progressive, creative organization means that change is a reliable ingredient. On July 31, we will celebrate the end of the last three years at the Vittum Theater. We have gathered incredible community leaders, members, supporters, to really dig in on what our next iteration or expression looks like, and it’s going to be an adventure to see what this community does next. We want you in that process with us.

Lola: My invitation for you is would you be willing to really imagine what this thing we call Bodhi could look like? What’s the kind of global impact we could have? What’s the kind of affirmation we could put out into the world? I’m imagining it could include podcasts. I’m imagining it could include live events and experiences. I’m imagining it could include pop-up experiences throughout the city of Chicago, across the nation, perhaps even around the world. What are the essential ingredients that we offer?

Lola: We want to hear from you, and we’re asking you to send those thoughts, feelings, opinions, ideas, visions, to office@bodhispiritualcenter.org. We will do our very best to respond and affirm your intentions, your visions, your dreams, and we trust this incredible incubator of leaders, members, supporters, to listen to your feedback and create our next expression.

Lola: Over the months of June and July, we’ll be revealing what’s forthcoming, and we want you along with us. I ask you during this time of transition to trust that we’re right where we need to be, that you have the capacity to contribute in a way that matters, that raises the vibration of this place, and births our next expression.

Lola: I look forward to being on this journey with you, and I’m excited to see where we’re headed next.




Bodhi is a conscious community in Chicago, IL. We offer in person and online experiences for people who are ready to transform themselves and their world. Bodhi uses media, education, entertainment, and like-minded community to support transformation.

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