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“ALL Things Work Together For Good – BELIEVE THAT!” By Reverend Lola Wright

By November 15, 2016December 20th, 2016Messages

Because of a technical breakdown, unfortunately, we won’t have the normal audio and video from Sunday’s service to publish—it was one of our best! However, Rev. Lola Wright attempted to recreate the magic with her own video recording redoing the message, “ALL Things Work Together For Good – BELIEVE THAT!”
Photo credit: @nicolebaltes via Instagram

Message Notes


Wednesday/Election Morning/Spiritual Conviction – OH HELL NO
Driving kids to school

SLIDE: Caroline’s MEME
When someone or something is evil, it’s just that they’re misunderstood by other human beings or animals. – Caroline Wright

Barrington 220 acre compound – Drama Triangle – Lola, you’re taking this very seriously

SLIDE: What if you have been called to come to the kingdom for such a time as this? – Esther 4.14 Lamsa Tr.
Metaphysics of Esther – the dissolving power of spiritual love; this is an antidote for a dictatorial will
She chooses the risk of death (makes her life a living sacrifice) in service of a holy and high purpose – saving the Jewish people in Persia


– God is in ALL things!
– We have called forward an opportunity to look at the shadow
– Today is FOR our conscious evolution
– You’re the one we’ve been waiting for!


Who Do You Love? Are You For Sure? – CUE BAND/Who & What Are You Serving?

SLIDE: No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God (inner world) and mammon (outer world.) – Matthew 6.24 Lamsa Tr.
Who will you love? Who will you serve? Will you be FOR something and AGAINST nothing?

How to understand the appearance of evil – Craig Stevenson Facebook Post SLIDE
Everywhere equally present. God uses everything even the wicked.

SLIDE: The seeming opposites in human experience – freedom and bondage, good and “evil,” negative and positive – can be seen, not as forces in conflict, but simply as two ways in which the One Power can be used. – Ernest Holmes

The USA has a SOUL – a collection of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, memories, history.

SLIDE: Evil is not an ultimate reality, it is simply an experience of the soul on its journey toward Reality. Evil is not an entity, but an experience on the pathway of self unfoldment. It is not a thing of itself but simply a misuse of power. – Science of Mind p. 335

Do not get seduced by the world of appearances!! Where are you placing your attention?

SLIDE: Wherever the image of thought is set, there the Power to create resides. “God if thou seest God, Dust if thou seest dust.” Can we see good where evil appears to be? Then we can remove the evil. When we bring a lamp into a darkened room, where does the darkness go? The darkness neither came nor did it go, anywhere. It never was a thing of itself, merely a condition. And we have power over conditions. – Science of Mind p. 410

SLIDE: Have dominion over your awareness and you will have dominion over your destiny. – Rev. Michael Beckwith


You are called to serve. There is an appointment for your life. The world around you is a feedback loop of what is living in the individual and collective consciousness…the microcosm and the macrocosm. Are you paying attention and are you noticing what’s yours to do? There isn’t a one size fits all model.


I AM here now to serve Love. It is my divine appointment to be on the planet at this time. My soul has called forward this right and perfect opportunity to activate Love. I am emboldened by LOVE. I am fierce with faith. I stand convicted in the realization of Oneness and Unity on the planet. I use my power for Good and align with the Infinite. I know that I am able to speak truth to power in ways that move mountains. I am a catalyst for change on the planet. I am love seeking love. I am love answering the cry for love. I trust in the order of the Universe. I am Spirit in action. I allow myself to be used here and now. And so it is.


And what is your appointment in that vision???


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