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Today on The New You LIVE, Lola Wright continues her conversation from the message “Who I AM and Whose I AM-Represent,” sharing a personal experience that transformed how she looked at herself.

Lola recently began teaching the Foundations Class at Bodhi, where one of the big aspects is a five-step formula called Affirmative Prayer.

The first step is to recognize that which is – the only thing happening here, the only thing that is real, and that is the presence of love, peace, and joy.

When you and I can recognize our union with a greater presence than that which meets our eyes, we avail ourselves to a different walk on the planet. The I AM presence is your spiritual nature.

When Moses got the message, “I AM that I AM” what he got was the insight and wisdom into the spiritual realm and into his spiritual nature.

There is a spiritual nature that resides inside of all of us. When we can recognize we are a divine expression, we are the material manifestation of an infinite presence, we walk on the planet very differently.

When we identify with our spiritual nature vs our ego nature, when conflict arises, we have a greater capacity to be with it.

When we know there is something eternal and that transcends the limitations of the human experience, we have the ability to look at the ugliest aspects of humanity, breathe through them, and call forth something new.

In more recent history, there’s been discomfort in looking at our gap. There’s discomfort in looking at the things we’ve participated in that are not of our highest and holiest nature. Your greatest portal to freedom is your ability is to sit with that which is most uncomfortable and breathe through it and look at it.

What is something that exists in you that you’ve deemed ugly and bad that you’ve avoided dealing with it? Our unwillingness to look at things allows them to perpetuate.

The things you refuse to look at have the greatest power over you.

Lola shared a personal story from her life where she was confronted by her husband with things she had been running from her entire life.

Until she could completely allow herself to be that thing, it was running her life. She realized so long as she resisted being something that it was in the shadow of her soul, it had complete control over her.

We are being called into a willingness to look at the aspects of self we resist the most. When we dance in complete denial of some aspect of ourselves, it’s an invitation to look at how it might be true.

There’s a mythology about this country that it’s the most glorious, magical place to live. And sometimes when we are so attached to an identity about a thing, place, or person, there’s something it’s masking.

Would you be willing to consider that this country is deeply flawed?

The capacity and willingness to look at the ugliest aspects of this country is the degree to which we will call forward the highest and greatest potential of this country.

Where have you internalized some aspect of hatred of and for yourself?

The mythology we desire to tell ourselves about only the high side is in fact an attempt to avoid taking responsibility for our shadow selves.

What’s the thing that’s holding you back from the highest version of yourself? What’s the worst thing someone could say to you about you? Would you be willing to bring it into the foreground, sit and stare at it squarely?

Your ability to sit with what you believe to be true and put it forward is very powerful.

We have an invitation to look at the aspects of self that you’ve deemed bad and wrong and loosen it. See a thing, but don’t become a thing. Say what’s true to you, and do some self-reflection to make sure it’s coming from your whole self, not your wounded self.

Know who you are. Know that you are the Divine manifestation of this vast and Holy Universe. You don’t belong to some external authority that is holding some moral judgment of you. There is a presence within you that is sacred and solid and you can dwell in that. It will strengthen you, give you courage, and conviction to move forward into spaces and places where it might be scary for you to asset your voice.

You are a Holy Disruptor and you are here for something great!


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