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The Love Revolution

By May 4, 2017July 6th, 2017Blogs

This past Sunday we gathered for our Annual Meeting … it was short, sweet and intended to maximize interest and participation! We shared exciting information on our 2016 and 2017 financial affairs, overall community engagement and upcoming Taste of Bodhi details. The short of it is we had a great 2016 and 2017 is proving to be filled with generosity, creativity and, in true Bodhi fashion, lots of love!

If you want to know where you are in your year to date giving, please visit MyBodhiLife. Now is a great time to begin contributing regularly and generously!


This Sunday marks my two year anniversary as Spiritual Director—hard to believe on so many levels! And the release of the new Bodhi House Band Album, “Your Moment.” The opportunity to serve Bodhi’s mission and community has been one of the greatest transformations I have called in.

Spirit-Centered Leadership is a fast track to surrender and awakening … want a dose? Sign up for a class or join a Sacred Service team! On March 27, 2005 when I first entered our doors, I never would have predicted that an inspiring message, friendly volunteers and incredible music would captivate me such that I would devote my heart and soul to our mission 10 years later!

Revolutionary Mission

We are at an apex of global change. Bodhi’s mission is more critical than ever before. We are uniquely positioned to expand our work of stirring the soul and reminding humanity of it’s oneness.

As I meet community members one on one, in small groups, during classes and workshops and following our Sunday Celebration Services, I am reminded of the revolutionary stand that we are as a community. It is revolutionary to return people to their inherent wholeness. It remains revolutionary to explore the intersection of science, religion and philosophy. It is revolutionary to boldly declare love in the midst of fear. And we do all of that, on the regular!

I am reminded of the revolutionary stand that we are as a community. It is revolutionary to return people to their inherent wholeness.


I ask you to support our Love Revolution in two primary ways today:

1) Participate in Taste of Bodhi – raise fun, funds and friends. Our community members are hosting 10 parties this summer throughout our beLOVEd city. Pick a few dates, gather your friends or meet new ones and Celebrate Life with us!

See The Events
2) Make a gift – whether it’s a one time gift or a recurring weekly/monthly gift. We rely on each of us to contribute. As I often say, “many hands make light work.” When we all stretch ourselves to give just beyond our comfort zone we invite faith in. It is a bold act to consciously circulate our money. This practice has been a personal game changer for me!
I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to serve Bodhi Spiritual Center. Thank you for continuing to stand boldly for Love!
Note: the featured image is a Soul Portrait of Rev. Lola, painted by Katherine Skaggs—register for your own session being held at Bodhi next week!
Lola Wright

Lola Wright is the Spiritual Director at Bodhi Spiritual Center.

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