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The Universal Truth About Prosperity

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In our Thursday night Spiritual Economics class, we are studying the Truth about Prosperity and “raising consciousness, to know that ‘the place on which you are standing is holy ground'” (Butterworth, Spiritual Economics). When the circumstances or conditions of our lives and our world appear as if something is broken—as if scarcity is real or lack and limitation are “true”—we turn to Truth to remind us of Universal Law.

This thing called God is not a Santa Claus figure sitting in the sky waiting to give or withhold if we are naughty or nice. God is an unseen power and presence always operating in, through and as us. Use the word Love, Universe, Source, Spirit—whatever word resonates in your body. Read More

Wednesday Wisdom: Believing And Receiving

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This week’s #WednesdayWisdom comes from Rev. Johnnie Colemon, founder of Chicago’s Christ Universal Temple and often referred to as the First Lady of the New Thought Christian Community.

Listen to a classic message from 1998 by Rev. Colemon, “It Works If You Work It”—full of her humor and insight—in which she talks about prosperity, divine inheritance and achieving your dreams.