Our February Series: The Struggle Is NOT Real

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We have been habituated to think that life is inherently difficult. There is a collective agreement to struggle. From the benign encounters at the DMV to large world issues — all struggle rests on a false belief that life is hard and there’s not enough. This month we explore the trappings of that cosmology while asserting a new context for living. Read More

Our January Series: It’s All About You

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You are an individualized expression of this vast and holy Universe. All that you encounter and all that you create is filtered through your lens of perception. To assert the creative power and presence that is within you can be both liberating and terrifying.

The creative power that resides at the center of your being is impersonal – it is a magnet drawing unto itself a match for your energetic field. It can be used for an experience that lifts you up or tears you down, you get to choose. You are the one you’ve been waiting for. It is time to love yourself wholly, honor yourself deeply and celebrate your unique expression on the planet.

Our December Series: Lightworkers

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“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the dark.” — Anne Frank

Light cannot exist without dark. Consider that appreciating and mastering the darkness is essential to the human experience. Darkness can look like many things — loneliness, unemployment, health challenges, family discord, racial tensions, or political drama.

When we find ourselves in daunting or uncertain circumstances, we have so much more power than our typical first reactions. When we tap into our knowingness, we are reminded that these periods are not designed to take us out, that nothing is happening TO us, and that all dark periods are temporary.  

Consider that darkness is an invitation… an invitation to deeper understanding. It is in these moments of darkness that we discover the greatest truths, and lies, about ourselves. Saying ‘yes’ to a higher version of ourselves is the emerging lightwork. Our practice leads us through the foreign and unknown to new doors of opportunity.

How incredibly exhilarating it is to notice the opportunities that sit deep in the corners of the ‘ugly’ — to identify the growth that is available when we walk through the dark rooms of fear, separation, doubt, and despair.  Lightwork resides in our practice.

In December, we honor the darkness as a deep invitation.  We recognize ourselves as Lightworkers. We sit in prayer and meditation, stillness and self-reflection, embracing the darkness until we discover the surprising gifts that lie within.

Our November Series: Reciprocity

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For Bodhi’s 15th anniversary month, we celebrate the Law of Reciprocity, which asserts that there is a flow to life. As we give, so do we receive. Of course, reciprocation is not a 1:1 experience. When you circulate your time, your talent, or your money, it is not that you should expect to receive that currency in return, although you may. The inquiry within one’s being is to determine if the channels of circulation are open or clogged. 

The antidote to scarcity is circulation. To demonstrate the capacity of this generous Universe you must activate the Law of Reciprocity. If you are experiencing scarcity of time, start being generous with your time. Get into Sacred Service. Give yourself away. The suggestion is not martyrdom. The suggestion is living a life of generosity. Trust that as you move with greater faith and generosity, you will not be left out of the equation.

In November, we activate the reciprocal nature of the Universe by circulating our time, our talent, and our money. We notice any tendency to grip or hold tightly when circulating. We move through any fear of loss or feelings of scarcity, deepening our knowing that we are always supported.

Our October Series: Open At The Top

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Taking on fixed worldviews creates a sense of safety and security that human beings have long been conditioned to find comfort in. And yet, every mystical tradition encourages a childlike disposition of curiosity for greater exploration of both the inner world of imagination and the external world of conditions. The great mystics, masters, saints, and sages have always pointed humanity to an inner world that may serve as a well of guidance, inspiration, wisdom, and intelligence.

The great philosopher Ernest Holmes would famously ask, “Can you afford the consequences of the way you are thinking?” Consider the great inventors of history. They never accepted the limitations before them. They always remained open. There are an infinite number of solutions to any circumstance or condition. As we remain open to new possibilities, new developments, new innovations, we avail ourselves to something greater than that meets the eye.

To be “Open At The Top” is to walk through life with a willingness for something new to emerge, a receptivity to alternate perspectives, and an assertion that there is an evolutionary impulse to life that is not fixed or ending. In October, we invoke a greater sense of wonder. We expand our capacity for imagination, ingenuity, and curiosity such that “out of nowhere and no way, a way is made.”

“Feel the Presence in the sacred place of your consciousness. Then use the Power. Your thoughts will change the conditions of your life.” – Ernest Holmes