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Jim Dethmer To Visit Bodhi For Message And Workshop On Sunday, February 8th

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Jim Dethmer—business coach, author, speaker and co-founder of the Conscious Leadership Group—will visit Bodhi on Sunday, Feb. 8th to talk about conscious, spirit-centered leadership. After his message, he’ll facilitate a leadership workshop based on his new book, The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. The workshop will begin at 12:30p—not to be missed!

Message at 10a Celebration Service: “Learning to Lead with Presence.”

Workshop at 12:30p: “Practicing the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership” (suggested $35 Love Offering).

Jim Dethmer, Co-founder of the Conscious Leadership Group

Jim Dethmer, Co-founder of the Conscious Leadership Group

Above The Line Vs. Below The Line

Watch the video below to learn more about the Conscious Leadership’s “Big Idea” to help leaders shift beyond a limiting “below the line” culture of victimhood, blame and self-doubt to a thriving “above the line” self-rejuvenating culture of responsibility, creativity, genius and self-awareness.

Community Update: Spirit-Centered Leadership In February, Plus Core Council Applications

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With each week between January 1st and April 4th focusing on one of our 8 Spiritual Practices, I have noticed myself becoming increasingly intentional on my daily practice! I really enjoy deepening my appreciation for why our 8 Spiritual Practices are what they are. Our shared commitment to practice is what brings us together in community—we support each other in being accountable, for which I am so grateful! A Course in Miracles says we “teach” what we need to learn most. Amen to that! Read More