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Intimacy: The Final Frontier

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I’ve noticed new discomfort in my practice to allow greater intimacy into my life. Intimacy with those I don’t know well has always come easy to me. Intimacy with those I know has seemed more difficult. Intimacy with myself even more difficult. And intimacy with the God of my being more allusive. It has been my practice for the last 8 years to consciously continue my exploration of intimacy. Who might I be if I was willing to stand spiritually naked?


Brene Brown writes “There is no intimacy without vulnerability.” That has certainly been my experience. Each time I deepen in my experience of intimacy I enter unchartered territory. I am called to explore corners of my consciousness previously untraveled. The unknown and the unfamiliar seem scary and yet the more regularly we practice something the greater comfort and proficiency we develop.

So the question is, why? Why intimacy? And why now? Read More