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Message Monday: Just Say YES!

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A little over three years ago, I attended a Oneness Awakening Course at The Flowering Heart Center in Downers Grove, IL with Kristin Panek when I got a very clear message that I was to go to the Oneness University in India to deepen my relationship with the Divine.

At first I laughed and told Spirit, “Ha ha very funny but hell no.” However, the message continued. I told myself that I couldn’t take off time from work, I didn’t have the money, I had never been out of the country and I had no interest at all to spend a month in a country I had no desire to go to in the first place. Read More

New Theme for July: “Free Your Mind”

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This month we break free of our survival structures. We enter the high altar of consciousness. We dance with the infinite realm. This month we affirm that we are first and foremost spiritual beings.

By virtue of today’s culture and society we can be fairly confident that there are deep neural pathways that support our finite self. We can be fairly confident that deep grooves exist to confirm that something “out there” is going to get us. The false belief of survival can be subtle and it can be dramatic. Read More