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5 Techniques To Work On Forgiveness

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In part two of his September series, “Learning How To Forgive Myself And Others,” Reverend Gaylon McDowell gave five practical techniques to work on forgiveness. As Rev. McDowell reminded, “if you want to be whole, you’ve got to let go.”

Click the button to begin listening to the audio of the message at 24:44, when he begins explaining the techniques in the message. Read the bulleted points based on the transcript below.

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Wednesday Wisdom: Believing And Receiving

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This week’s #WednesdayWisdom comes from Rev. Johnnie Colemon, founder of Chicago’s Christ Universal Temple and often referred to as the First Lady of the New Thought Christian Community.

Listen to a classic message from 1998 by Rev. Colemon, “It Works If You Work It”—full of her humor and insight—in which she talks about prosperity, divine inheritance and achieving your dreams.


Growing Beyond Where We Are, To Be Who We Are

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As Bodhi transitions into it’s next greatest self, we find ourselves at the beginning of a new state of consciousness—ready to break through into our next greatest expression. We join together during this time to consciously declare Building the Beloved Community.

As Rev. Gaylon McDowell said this past Sunday, “the transformation of any community begins with the individual.” It is in that knowing that we do the work within ourselves first, as individuals of a community committed to the idea of Oneness, Love, Peace and Unity. We come together to “Discover Our Spiritual Wholeness”—wholeness meaning to be complete, to lack nothing.

reverend gaylon mcdowell at bodhi spiritual center chicago - cropped

Sunday afternoon we gathered for our Quarterly Conversation to take stock of our consciousness. We met not to make where we are as individuals or as a Community wrong, but to be willing to honestly assess our current state. In getting related to where we are, we become at choice to allow for transformation, to allow for God to have its way in our lives. Read More