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“Sexual Healing Relieves The Mind” By Reverend Rainbow Weldon

By February 12, 2018February 11th, 2020Home, Messages

On Sunday, Rev. Rainbow continued our February series “Sacred Sexuality” with her message, “Sexual Healing Relieves The Mind.” Community member and actress Miranda Rae Mayo, who plays Stella on NBC’s Chicago Fire, stepped in as host with our Spiritual Director Rev. Lola out of town in Detroit.


Story: Hot summer night. Heather and I dancing.
Relationships are where we do our work.

Week 2 of Sacred Sexuality
SLIDE: Sacred = connected with God; that which is holy
SLIDE: Arousal
to stir to action or strong response; excite
to stimulate sexually
to awaken; wake up

Sacred Sexuality – wake up to our connection with God
Here’s what I’d like us to explore today:

We live in a world of perceived duality.
The brain is hardwired for division despite Wholeness being our true nature.
Power resides in integrating Sexual + Spiritual energy

Look through the lense of sexuality: All healing is in the mind. Sexual Healing relieves the mind!

SLIDE: World consciousness is the level of appearances, of the physical and material. It conceives of everything through the senses and believes that reality is visible. Ascension consciousness transcends time and space. It is aware of forms, but experiences them through a different dimension than the one of which we are ordinarily aware. – It’s All God by Walter Starcke

KEY POINT 1: We live in a world of perceived duality.
The world of form is always an outpicturing of our mind.
What is occurring in our lives is an indication of our beliefs.
Empowered or disempowered? Aliveness or constriction?

mom or leader. sexual or a spiritual.
hot sex or emotion connection.

But we are the only ones who decide that. The universe simply responds with YES!

Everything we desire is within us..we decide how much

If you believe you can either have hot sex or emotion connection in your relationship – and so it is.

SLIDE: Back of all manifestation must be the desire to create, the urge to express. This Urge or Energy is called “Libido,” which means “The emotional craving, or wish, behind all human activities, the repression of which leads to psycho-neuroses. – Ernest Holmes

Because I had never fully explored my relationship with my sexual energy and power, when Heather and I were dancing and that wave of energy came towards me I couldn’t handle it – it was unfamiliar and I got anxious and pushed away the very thing I desired.

Repression of our libido leads to suffering.

Again, this is not about the act of sex. It’s about sexual energy. We are all energetic beings. If breathing you have a creative urge-it may be expressed through sex or creative endeavor when suppressed = kinked hose

SLIDE: We tend to think of the erotic as an easy tantalizing sexual arousal. I speak of the erotic as the deepest life force, a force which moves us towards living in a fundamental way.- Audre Lorde

KEY POINT 2: The mind is hardwired for division despite Wholeness being our true nature

Our next evolution of consciousness will come when we recognize our inherent wholeness. When we stop proclaiming our brokenness and rise to a new state of awareness seated in our power and sexual energy.

Takes discipline, dedication, practice to reorient the mind

KEY POINT 3: Our power resides in integrating our sexual and spiritual energy

SLIDE: Our culture has lost the understanding that sexual energy is a physical expression of spiritual power. – The Art Of Sexual Ecstasy by Margo Anand

Sacral Chakra

Freedom – where are you not free in your sexuality?
What part of you is being expressed right now within a social construct? how sexuality should be or should not be expressed?

What would it be like to break free of those constructs and be truly self-expressed?

Living someone’s idea of you, is not freedom.

Turn to someone and say: I am fully self-expressed.
(notice dissonance – there’s where the work is)

That night dancing with Heather I could have made up the story that it was her energy that caused my discomfort.
If Heather is the source of my pain or pleasure I am trapped. She’s simply a mirror. 100% responsibility for what is occurring in my world – therein lies our power. Then we are FREE.

PATTERN – pay attention and get curious if you notice something is a pattern.
I made meaning that “I’m not sexy/I’m awkward”

FORGIVENESS – Path to Freedom
All forgiveness is self-forgiveness. It has nothing to do with another person and nothing to do with some outside God. Forgiveness is an inside job. We are all interconnected beings therefore no one can truly do anything TO you. All life is happening FOR you. For your learning. For you awakening.

Forgiveness: releasing any meaning we’ve made about ourselves based on past circumstances.

This pattern showed up in a previous relationship- not attractive.Everyone has their own opinions, but it doesn’t change our essence. I can’t let other people’s opinions dictate my self-expression.

Let’s unpack and transform any shame/ judgement we carry about ourselves or others regarding sexuality.

We must reveal what has been concealed in order to heal.

I am committed to transforming this- what’s your growth edge to allow creative/sexual energy to be fully expressed.

Join me in practicing this:

Hand on heart. Hand on sacral chakra. Breath. Integration.

Tune into the orange spinning energy above the pelvis
What is blocking this energy center from being fully expressed?
What (if any) meaning did you make about yourself or sexuality based on…
Something from your religious upbringing/a friend said/ society/ from a lover or partner/ media
Is this really true?
What is seeking to be known/expressed through you now?
What would your life look like if you were to stand fully in your creative/sexual power?
Claim your truth – I AM a Powerful Creative Being. I AM a powerful Sexual Being. I AM a powerful Spiritual Being.


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