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Pride Stories: Leah

By June 27, 2018Home, News, Quotes

We continue our Pride Story series today hearing from Leah, who leads our LGBTQ+ Sacred Circle.

My first experience of attraction was in 3rd grade when I mustered up the courage to tell my sister’s friend that I loved her. This demonstration of courage was immediately shut down with a nervous response of laughter.  From that day on I was in a quandary over why such an animating part of me seemed so outlandish to the people around me.

Growing up in the south and going to a Christian school caused me to repress that part of myself for years. The messages at church and the consensus of the community was that queer people were inherently flawed, in need of prayers and saving. I was living in a narrative of lack and limitation that held me back from living my authentic self.  

Today I can proudly say, I’m part of a revolutionary spiritual community that celebrates each individual’s divine expression and together we raise consciousness on the planet! I am also excited to have found the love of my life, my equal. She’s beautiful inside and out, and we’re getting married!

– Leah


Bodhi is a conscious community in Chicago, IL. We offer in person and online experiences for people who are ready to transform themselves and their world. Bodhi uses media, education, entertainment, and like-minded community to support transformation.

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