Today, I’d like to share something with you that can be valuable anytime you’re experiencing conflict: the practice of presencing.

There are three steps to the practice of presencing:

  • Body sensation
  • Feeling state
  • Next thought

Presencing is an invitation to this NOW moment.

The human mind and human condition is easily distracted by past-based experience and future-based longings, so we have a challenge being here now.

When we aren’t here now and our minds are fixated on the past or longing or lusting for something to happen in the future, we are out of presence, which is not the greatest version of our selves.


We swiftly attach stories to our body sensation. We always want to know why things are the way that they are.

What are sensations you notice in your body?

We have a tendency to write a story about why we are experiencing those sensations, but all of those are made up. The practice of presencing is to get an integrated experience of mind, body, and spirit.

Notice how important it can be to attach a justification or reason as to why something is the way that it is.

What’s here now?


What are you feeling right now?

The five primary feeling states are:

  1. Anger
  2. Sadness
  3. Fear
  4. Sexual creative
  5. Joy

What are you noticing about your feelings?

Oftentimes we are running from a feeling state. Just be here now.


What are your next thoughts?

The invitation is to be here now.

There is nothing for us to do, the opportunity is to witness and to notice it.

Many times we are run by a whole host of body sensations and feeling states we are dislocated from.

Before adding a story to a conflict you’re experiencing, pause and presence.

How could you be a little more gentle with yourself and those you interact with?

Would you be willing to let all of it be OK and be here now?

Let it be.

No matter what is occurring in the world around you, you can pause, take a moment and check in.

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