New Theme For September: “Shining Brightly”

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“You are capable of making a difference, of being bold, and of changing more than you are willing to admit. You are capable of making art.”
— Seth Godin

And you can begin that creation right where you are! Sure, there may be a new career or love interest in your future. Sure, there might be more money accumulated and more things gathered but none of that is required for you to launch the brilliant work of art that is you!

Watch: Rev. Lola Introduces “Shining Brightly”

In Seth Godin’s book The Icarus Deception he explores the safety zone that we’ve created for ourselves and those around us without even knowing it. “We settled for a safety zone that wasn’t bold enough, that embraced authority and compliance. We built our comfort zone around being obedient and invisible.”

Every being on this planet was created to fulfill a divine and holy appointment that is uniquely met. Your self expression is your art. And we are in great need of more artists. To shine brightly is to tap into your bravery, insight, creativity and boldness and to challenge the status quo.

To shine brightly is to tap into your bravery, insight, creativity and boldness and to challenge the status quo.

You are an artist. You are here to shine brightly. Your art is not a product or a result. Your art is a journey.

“Find a journey worthy of your heart and your soul.”
— Seth Godin​

Lola Wright

About Lola Wright

Lola Wright is the Spiritual Director at Bodhi Spiritual Center.


  • Avatar Hakeemah Shamsuddin says:

    Thank you Lola, for constantly reminding us of our power and the infinite possibilities that exists when we tap into our greatness.

  • Avatar Keli says:

    As someone who teaches artists I love this message. We are all co-creators of our lives and if we give into fear of being seen, heard or being different, we mask the wonder and beauty of our individual spirit and the message it has to offer the world. This is great and I can’t wait to move back to Chicago in the spring and meet y’all. Thanks again for sharing this, it’s what I needed to hear today as well!

  • This is VERY cool… My talk this Sunday at CSL DC is also about Shining Our Light… “This Little Light of Mine?”
    Summary: As we enter into the the autumn season of 2016 we are approaching that time of the year when our days are shorter and we have less hours of daylight; despite this absence of physical sunlight, there exists within us a Spiritual Light that can never be shortened or extinguished, but we in our human ego driven states of mind, we can deny it and choose to hide it. . .
    Today, let us consciously choose to stand in the Light, to shine our Light, and to let The Light Shine AS us!
    —- Thank you for the reminder! The energy! The motivation to FLY, SHINE, EVOLVE, CREATE!!
    I look forward to visiting you all at Bodhi one day!!!

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