New Series for May: Show & Prove

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The invitation this month is to wake up newly to your creative capacity and to Show & Prove the life you desire. It is all here now, so demonstrate it!

Old school spiritual showmanship is known by way of demonstration. To demonstrate is to practice the proving of a Truth principle—Show & Prove. The practical application of spiritual principle is intended to be made manifest in your body of affairs—to move out of the conceptual and into the physical. This is the intersection of humanity and divinity

Walking within a spiritual framework or context is a practice of awareness. Our awareness (or consciousness) gives us access to the creative power of the Universe. Our consciousness shows and proves a realm of beliefs in the world of form—the manifest realm.

As we awaken to our creative capacity within this vast Universe, we become increasingly skilled in our ability to Show & Prove in the world. Awakening to this creative capacity can make life easier, more playful, and provide greater acceptance and understanding by increasing our container for  good. Our limitations, considerations, and fears also Show & Prove the nature of our beliefs—whatever you’re demonstrating in the world is an indication (a reflection) of your cosmology of beliefs.

Universal Law is impersonal. It responds to the nature of your song. As you develop an increasingly positive self image by affirming your Oneness, your unity with all that is, you walk in a greater vibration of Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony. You begin to know yourself as a point of God-consciousness in this vast whole.


1.To prove or show something by giving any evidence.

2.To make actions

Show & Prove by Big Daddy Kane



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