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The New You LIVE | The Power of YOUR Name

Today on The New You LIVE, Lola Wright reflected on “The Power of Your Name,” a message from Rev. Gaylon McDowell this weekend at Bodhi Spiritual Center.

Our culture walks around saying, “in the name of Jesus,” but we sort of miss the point. The idea was not to get hyper focused on the man Jesus, but rather to look at the practices, way of living, and methods of Jesus as a demonstration of possibility.
When we are using the methods of Albert Einstein, we don’t say, “in the name of Einstein,” we are just using his methods. When we place someone as the authority outside of ourselves, we disempower the impact we are here to have.
The inquiry for us and invitation extended to us is, “what is the quality or feeling tone that comes up when your name is spoken?”
There is a vibration and resonance of your being, of who you are. When your name is dropped in space, what’s the vibration that comes with it and is that aligned with who you want to be in the world? What’s the resonant quality that your name brings to a space? What vibration does your name bring? There’s the vibration we desire our name has, and the what so that our name brings. That gap is the opportunity we have to train, cultivate, and expand.
What comes to your mind when you think of Mother Teresa? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?
We have an opportunity to be sober around how we perceive ourselves and how we occur in the world around us.
What is the predominant vibration you contribute on the planet?
In 2018, many of the mechanisms we use are social media, conversations, in our places of work, and our families.
Lola shared that she doesn’t feel fully expressed in her extended family. There’s a vibration they have in relationship to her that’s not fully aligned with the way much of her world experiences her.
There are certain spaces and places where you feel fully expressed and fully alive and we often gravitate towards those. You can be your full and alive self where it’s most wanted.
When you tap into you and say to yourself, “what’s the most authentic quality of the Universe that’s unique to me?” NOT, “what do I desire becoming,” but what is authentically moving through you? If you get honest with yourself, what is the resonant vibration that’s stirring in you?
What’s the feedback you’re getting from the Universe? Are you getting feedback from the Universe that is a resonant match for what you desire, or are you producing a world around you that is giving you feedback that you’re perhaps not in alignment with who and what you want to be.
The manifest realm is always a reflection of a cosmology of beliefs. Everything in the manifest realm is a first a thought, and the manifest realm is always reflecting back to us a realm of beliefs and thoughts. If you’re in relationship with someone and finding resistance or disconnection, you can choose to not be deeply invested, or you can choose to get curious. If you experience a charge, you care! Get an honest articulation from a diverse audience of human beings in your world about how you occur. Whatever you hear about how you occur is an opportunity for you to consider if you’re producing the results of your heart and soul.
Lola shared about when her husband studied with Thích Nhất Hạnh and he talked about the impression your walk has not he planet. Consider you’re invoking something with every step you take and every breath you take, and every word you speak, you’re making an impression on the Universe. Your name is going before you. And if we were take radical responsibility for the impressions we are making on the planet, what’s our level of discipline around it? Are we being intentional with the ways, words, acts, speak that we impress upon the Universe? Are we taking responsibility for quality, calibre, and creation?
At the end of our practices we often say, “and so it is.” Consider that every action, word, and deed is you creating in the Universal mind, producing in the world of form, a collection of what you value. What’s the impression you’re making?
Lola shared one of the practices she uses when she’s going into spaces and places where she finds herself more vulnerable in terms of her emotional balance, is that she takes conscious breaths before she goes in to affirm and invoke who and how she wants to be in that interaction.
If you’re deeply devoted to the power of your name and the impression you make in the spaces and places you frequent, and the impact and contribution you’re wanting to bring to the planet, ask yourself how you can develop some refinement and discernment into who and how you want to be.
Your breath is the most effective tool you have at staying present in this now moment and choosing what’s right before you.
Ask yourself, what is the impression, you desire to invoke on the planet? When your name comes to mind, you desire people to have a feeling sense of _________________.
Now ask yourself, “what is the quality and resonant experience that people have of me?” Who and how are you? What’s the impression your name has and what’s the gap between what you desire your name to be and what it actually is? That’s where your work lies.
When you get feedback that’s different than how we hold ourselves, that’s beautiful material to work with.


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