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The New You LIVE | Let Yourself Be Seen!

Spring is here and today on The New You LIVE, Lola Wright reflects on Rainbow Weldon’s message from the weekend and the call to let ourselves be seen!

How can we shift from a low-level version of Self to a higher and expanded version of Self, where our identity becomes attached to ways we have moved on the planet?

If we are not in self-reflection we limit our impact.

We have to step out of our comfort zones. In order to become your next level of self, you have to leave behind of your old way of being.

We have desires and intentions living inside of us that are unique. In order to create space and capacity to realize them, you have to cut the nonsense out of your life.

What’s a distraction to the high idea of who you are here to be?

While we can release ourselves from the limited personas, we can trust that everything that has occurred up to this now moment is in service of our becoming.

Where is your energy leaking?

What’s the most potent use of your intention and energy?

Our personas are a way we keep ourselves safe, but they don’t allow us to fully own or take responsibility for the potent demonstration of Self.

No more nonsense! Make an impact through intention.

The invitation today is to be an inquiry and ask how we hold ourselves back, playing a managed version of ourselves.

Imagine if you and I eliminated the nonsense in our lives – the things that spend our time, energy, and intention on that don’t move something forward.

Let yourself be seen as your most powerful Self!

How do you let yourself off the hook?

Live in the overflow, live in the experience of Abundance.

Let us move into this next season with some Spring cleaning!





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