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Message Monday: We Awaken As One – Prayer Partnership

By June 27, 2016July 13th, 2016Blogs

Below is a blog inspired by Rev. Mark Anthony Lord’s message yesterday, “We Awaken Together.”

“You are awakened – now you need to grow up.”
— Rev. Mark Anthony Lord

My inner adolescent rolls her eyes at that statement.

Last week after a very confronting therapy session, I found myself on the floor yelling out “mercy” as if by doing so the perceived experience of an outside force hurting me would suddenly let up as it did when my dad would playfully tackle me to the ground as a kid.

Awakening, as Rev. Mark Anthony defines it in his sermon this past Sunday, is having the inner light of awareness turned on to see the mess on the floor of your own consciousness while also taking responsibility for cleaning up that mess.

Awakening can feel like a double-edged sword. On one hand, have you have the light of awareness, the possibility of freedom that comes from seeing what is occurring in your experience. The sudden realization that we’re no longer at the affect of it but can now rise above it. And on the other hand, you can no longer un-see what has been seen for it will continue to demand your attention until it has been loved, forgiven and set free.

And yet despite the dance I do between both, I’d still rather see than not see. I do not wish to continue to be at the effect of that which lies in the darkness of my unconscious awareness.

I need to grow up (this time without the eye roll). Rev. Mark Anthony is right.

I need to take that next step, as Rev. Mark Anthony challenged us. I need to resolve to make “my spiritual world more important than entertaining my personality.”

It is right there in those moments of “mercy” we must reach out and let another in. “We can’t awaken alone. We do it together as one” – Rev. Mark Anthony Lord in referencing A Course In Miracles.

And we do that through spiritual practices such as forgiveness and prayer partnerships.

Shortly after arriving home from my therapy session, I texted my prayer partner, Dennis, and asked for prayer. He called me and I began to pour my heart out. I shared my hurt, overwhelm, hopelessness and abandonment that my therapy session brought up. He patiently and lovingly listened, witnessing my pain while simultaneously knowing my wholeness. He didn’t seek to interrupt me or give me advice, he just listened with love. Then when I was all cried out, he breathed life into me through the power of affirmative prayer.

In that moment, I moved from the tunnel of darkness into the “river of love” as Rev. Mark Anthony puts. My faith and hope were renewed and healing began. Then I rinse and repeat. Because for as long as the belief in separation shows up in my experience, it my duty to heal it.

“Personal awakening becomes exponentially multiplied when you join hands with another.
— Rev. Mark Anthony Lord

That is the gift of spiritual community, prayer partnerships and holy relationships. We can’t do this alone and we’re not meant to.

The next time you feel “forsaken” by God, reach out to your spiritual community for witness, love and a reminding that “You are never alone.”

If you need help finding someone … make a request below. Myself and or someone from the Practitioner’s Core will gladly listen and pray for you.

For additional support, consider joining Rev. Lola’s, “The Wake Up Call” – a daily practice of inspired reading and prayer​ ​starting​ on Friday,​ July 1.

Another option of support is Rev. Mark Anthony’s​ ​Forgiveness ​W​ebinar on Wednesday​, June 29.​

What did you think of the sermon from Sunday? How has spiritual community helped you through your dark moments? What holds you back from letting love in? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.


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