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Message Monday: Trust.

By June 13, 2016June 26th, 2016Blogs

Below is a blog inspired by Rev. Rainbow’s message yesterday, “Backed by the Power of the Universe.”


We are backed by a power greater than we could imagine.

We are never alone.

Spirit is always speaking – that still small voice.

If we are willing to listen.

The words of this powerful truth mean ​nothing if we aren’t willing to ​trust that they are true. They mean nothing if we aren’t willing to lean into them and​ act​ as if they​ are true.

I don’t know about you but I want to believe that the Universe has my back. That there is a Power and Presence guiding me and my experience. That God is good and loves me and is here for me. I feel better and life goes more smoothly when I live from these principles.

And yet, my childhood programing says otherwise.

When my uncle touched me in inappropriate places and my mom covered it up and my dad was too busy to protect me. Many negative beliefs about myself, people, God and life got formed. A narrative that I’m dirty, ugly, a burden to those around me, and only good for what I can give – was crafted.

But the ​good news is – it’s ​not true. They are just beliefs. They feel real, very real at times, they feel true, there is evidence from my childhood and early adulthood that appears to confirm the validity of these beliefs. However, no matter what my impressionable mind soaked up and formed about myself as a result to try to make meaning out of these experiences, it’s not true.


When I was made fun, teased and picked on. When my mom committed suicide, when I lost my sister to drugs, when I came out as bi, when my church turned their back on me, when my dad suffered a head injury, when I lost my home and my car, when I became depressed and suicidal, when PTSD became a way of life and I lost several jobs because of it, when life came crashing in …


When my ‪Orlando‬ LGBTA family members were killed and wounded, when terrorists attacked and hate spread …


“We are backed by a power greater than we could imagine—we are never alone. Spirit is always speaking—that still, small voice—if we are willing to listen and trust.”
— Rev. Rainbow Weldon

Beliefs can be changed. Our experience of others, can be changed. Our experience of ourselves, can be changed. Our experience of God and life can be changed.

I must become ​willing​ to know a different truth. I must turn away from the condition and be willing to ​know a different reality. One that is loving, supportive, and ​for me.

I must become willing to listen and trust the still small voice that is gentle, loving, direct, clear and ​for me constantly pointing me to the truth of my being. I must trust the Power and Presence that is undoing the beliefs of my childhood and crafting a life of love.

I must unite in love, prayer and practice with my global family as we move through the human condition, knowing, believing and affirming a greater truth beyond the world of form.

I must continue to fill my mind and experience with practices and Principles taught by The Science of Mind, A Course in Miracles, Oneness University and embodied by Bodhi Spiritual Center – that we are ​in fact​ backed by a Power and Presence greater than I could ever imagine and that we’re not alone.

Today, I invite you to lean into a new idea about yourself, the people in your life, our global family, God and life itself. When your experience looks ​nothing like love – be willing to believe and act as if the entire Universe has your back and is coursing through you. Surrender into the willingness to listen, trust and ​move from this place.

PROVE that God is real, you are love, you are loved and that miracles are a way of life.

Share your thoughts, questions and experiences below … I’d love to hear how yesterday’s message is calling you into a greater trust of your Divine and Holy nature.


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