Our May Series: GIVE IT AWAY NOW

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Our May Series explores demonstrating the law of sufficiency in your life.

What if you have enough?! Right now, as it is, you are living in the overflow. You are swimming in an abundance of time, talent and treasure. RIGHT NOW. Orient yourself on the planet such that you SEE the good that is right where you are. You are energy in motion. Your ability to vibrate at a resonance of expectancy, generosity, and abundance enables you to perpetually live in an experience of sufficiency. As you establish in your consciousness the all sufficiency of this Universe you will be a greater steward of your resources and more skilled in giving away your love, compassion, prosperity and peace. Demonstrate the law of sufficiency in your life and be someone that works to eradicate poverty consciousness. There is more than enough. Rest easy and get to giving.

The presence of Abundance is moving in me and as me. Right where I am is ALL that is! I lay down worry, fear, and lack. I move with expectancy and joy. Life is good.

GIVE IT AWAY NOW title is inspired by Red Hot Chili Peppers.



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