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“Live On Purpose: True To Your SOUL” By Reverend Lola Wright

By January 9, 2017February 13th, 2020Messages

On Sunday, Rev. Lola Wright kicked off our new series on Spirit-Centered Leadership with her message, “Live On Purpose: True To Your SOUL.”


Message Notes

My Will or Thy Will?
3 times attempted Practitioner training
2012 – Last time in the program I finally made it to year 2 – in between years 1 and 2 I had an interview with Rev. MAL, Rev. Aimee Daniels and Practitioner Kate Miller
Lola, you’re incredibly accomplished. You’re extraordinary at what you do. Your growth edge is relaxing and allowing God to have It’s way with you and your affairs – and THAT is what I have been working on for the last 5 years

I arrived at Bodhi as a good leader. I did not arrive at Bodhi as a Spirit-Centered Leader – that is still evolving!

FOR ME vs. TO ME!!

Science (the way things work) of Mind (God)

1) To know yourself as a leader/influencer – to know yourself as a Spirit-Centered Leader
2) To understand that Life is evolutionary – always calling you forward – YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED
3) Growth involves paradox

To Me Leadership vs. For Me Leadership
To Me – I assert my power and authority; righteousness
For Me – I allow and trust; curiosity
SLIDE: The realization that God is personal to all who are receptive to the Divine influx, enables one to communicate with the Spirit, receiving a direct answer from It. – Science of Mind p. 363
Your old way of being will not birth the New You becoming! – Life is evolutionary/Consciousness expands it does not contract

Your Purpose/Your Mission will require DISCIPLINE/DISCERNMENT
NO is a sacred word and can serve the deeper YES – SLIDE: Expect results and be willing to give up anything and everything that would hinder the demonstration. – Science of Mind p. 59
SLIDE: A change of consciousness does not come by simply willing or wishing. It is not easy to hold the mental attention to an ideal, while the human experience is discordant, but – it is possible. Knowing the Truth, is not a process of self-hypnosis, but one of a gradual unfoldment of the inner self. – Science of Mind p. 446

True to Self not self
SLIDE: We need fear nothing in the Universe. We need not be afraid of God. Every man is an incarnation of God. The soul can no more be lost than God could be lost. This leaves us free to work out our own salvation – not with fear or even with trembling – but with peace and in quiet confidence. – Science of Mind p. 383

You have to look at the ugly to realize the beautiful! – Lay claim to welcoming the change – Shaun King
Even the pain
Even the scary

SLIDE: Without a struggle, there can be no progress. – Frederick Douglass
You have not been called to resign to the status quo

When things are messy that doesn’t mean things are wrong.
You are right where you are supposed to be and there is always a nudge you can listen to for greater guidance.
You have been called for such a time as this.

Breathing In – I realize I am breathing in.
Breathing Out – I realize I am breathing out.
Thich Nhat Hanh


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