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House of Bodhi with Lola Wright | Season Recap

By March 4, 2020Events, Home, House of Bodhi, Videos
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Thank you to Lola Wright for the creativity, leadership and joy that she brought over her 7 years at Bodhi!

House of Bodhi with Lola Wright Recap highlights Lola and the Bodhi House Band traveling throughout the city of Chicago from the Hideout Inn to City Winery Chicago.

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This transcript is electronically produced. Please excuse any errors or omissions.

Announcer: Welcome to the House of Bodhi.

Lola Wright: You and I are in this experience to become awake. The word Bodhi means awaken. So the invitation in this dimension of reality is that you and I may awaken to the spirit of life within me is the source of my supply.

Lola Wright: Can you imagine having sex with your struggle, not from your pathology, but, like, how is this for me? Yes! I love the hips. I love the knees because it keeps us loose.

Lola Wright: I love the conversation of race. And I fundamentally believe our unwillingness to have what some perceive as uncomfortable conversations in a meaningful and robust way – If you want to talk about freedom and you have an unwillingness to talk about uncomfortable conversations, you don’t actually want freedom. You want something called a quick fix. So at any point, if I find myself like, “Why are you talking about this?”, it’s an invitation. It’s an invitation for our awakening.

Lola Wright:
What do we want to create? We actually do know what could make a difference. It’s transcending fear, getting activated in our purpose, living fully alive. Stop staying safe. There’s something you came here for. What do you want? Go create that.


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