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“Your Hidden Influence!” By Reverend Lola Wright

By January 16, 2017February 13th, 2020Messages

Bodhi is a conscious community in Chicago, IL. We offer in person and online experiences for people who are ready to transform themselves and their world. Bodhi uses media, education, entertainment, and like-minded community to support transformation.

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  • Carrie Raven Heart says:

    I ‘stumbled’ on your website this morning..As we both know no accident. I currently live in FL,but I am from the Chicagoland area..What a blessing the city has to have the Bodhi Center and when I come home to visit I am looking forward to coming to service. I would love to meet you. I am getting ready to do my first speaker meeting at a Unity church here in FL…I LOVED watching your grace and humaness and it helped me relax about public speaking..Much LOVE & Gratitude for all you do!!!
    Carrie Raven Heart

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