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Happy Birthday beLOVEd!

By November 23, 2016December 20th, 2016Blogs

Thirteen years ago Spirit used Rev. Mark Anthony Lord to birth Bodhi Spiritual Center. And today we celebrate the 13th birthday of our beLOVEd community.

Rev. Mark Anthony describes the vision of Bodhi as being “ON FIRE from head to toe, jumping up and down, in my Los Angeles living room.” Rev. Mark Anthony was having a modern day “burning bush” moment, as the impulse of Spirit moved through him.

On November 23, 2003, Bodhi Spiritual Center opened its doors with over 100 people in attendance for the inaugural service. Friends from all over the country came to celebrate the grand opening. Rev. Charles Hall, Rev. Denise Schubert, Rev. Karen Russo, Rev. Cynthia James, Rev. Jennifer Hadley were just a few of the ministers that flew in for this very special occasion.

In 2014, Rev. Mark Anthony passed the torch of vision caster over to the brilliant and talented, Rev. Lola Wright. And what a vision caster she is – calling us into an even greater expansion of Love and Law.

Today we honor and celebrate the becoming of this beLOVEd community and look forward to the continued expansion and influence of Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago and beyond.

In honor of Bodhi’s birthday, share how Bodhi has impacted your life and share the vision that you hold for Bodhi’s becoming this year. Let’s LOVE up Bodhi and ALL who have, are, and will yet to serve and be touched by this beLOVEd community. #HappyBirthdayBodhi


Bodhi is a conscious community in Chicago, IL. We offer in person and online experiences for people who are ready to transform themselves and their world. Bodhi uses media, education, entertainment, and like-minded community to support transformation.

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  • Turbo says:

    Happy Birthday Bodhi!!!! I am so grateful for you, the space that you hold and how BRIGHTLY you shine! I am Blessed to become and behold what bodhi represents and ever more leaning into the Dream of what will be. I am INVESTING in You this year 🙂 which is an investment in me. What a Blessing!!!! And so it is!

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