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“The Ground Upon Which You Stand Is The Source Of All Life” By Reverend Lola Wright

By May 15, 2017February 12th, 2020Messages

On Sunday, Rev. Lola Wright continued our series “Your Moment” with her message, “The Ground Upon Which You Stand Is The Source Of All Life.”

Message Notes

What gets the final word in your life experience? What do you give your ultimate attention to?
The Universe of God is incarnated in each individual in an entirely different and unique manner. This is the hidden Source of Life, the place where Christ in us blends on one side with the Divine, and on the other side with the individual. There is but one mediator between God and man, which is Christ. The reference to Christ is not a reference to the man Jesus but to the Divine incarnation in all people. Anything that separates us from an understanding that we are One with the Whole, bars It from coming to Self-Expression through us, and all we have left is the acquired ego, which is not enough to meet the issues of life. – The Ego from Living the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

SLIDE: The ONLY difference between Jesus and you is he REALIZED his Divine Incarnation.

To realize the Presence/Life exists right where I am.

Nothing is AGAINST ME! Release hurt and resentment so I may realize the ALLNESS of GOOD!

Everything you should need and want is already here – you are not lacking for anything!

You are the divine made manifest.

Right where you are is PERFECT!

This is your moment to enjoy, revel, appreciate, create, express! Shifting from survivalism to creative self expression:
The only thing missing is our realization:
SLIDE: The kingdom of heaven is at hand. – Matthew 4:17

You are a perfect point in creation.
SLIDE: You are the consciousness out of which everything comes. – Eckhart Tolle

Spiritual Practice – reminds us of what is true and real
SLIDE: Behold, the kingdom of God is within – Luke 17:21

You are not meant to suffer. You are meant to realize your Oneness with the infinite…perhaps that is the entire purpose of your soul’s journey:
SLIDE: The pains and discords of human experience are not sent from God. But they do indeed stand as tests of how much God we have. – Emma Curtis Hopkins

THE BIG IDEA – Love is the answer
SLIDE: An enlightened state of being is simply an “awareness of oneness,” which is the experience of Love. “Taking Offense The Right Way” by Rev. Lloyd Strom

Article: “Taking Offense The Right Way” by Rev. Lloyd Strom

The portal to Love is Forgiveness
The fastest way to become enlightened is to allow ourselves to be offended by everyone, and then consistently Forgive them, until we are no longer offended by anyone. – “Taking Offense The Right Way” by Rev. Lloyd Strom

Drop the immature understanding of your spiritual nature:
SLIDE: Think of the great yogis, saints, and sages – from Moses to Christ to Padmasambhava. They were not feeble-mannered milquetoasts, but fierce movers and shakers – from bullwhips in the Temple to subduing entire countries. They rattled the world on its own terms, not in some pie-in-the-sky piety; many of them instigated massive social revolutions that have continued for thousands of years. And they did so, not because they avoided the physical, emotional, and mental dimensions of humanness, and the ego that is their vehicle, but because they engaged them with a drive and intensity that shook the world to its very foundations. – Egolessness by Ken Wilber

The great portal to realization is Forgiveness. So today, on the

Prayer & Meditation honoring the mother presence in each of us


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