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Continuing the Conversation: Celebrating The Tension of Change

Today on The New You LIVE, Lola Wright continues the conversation we started on Sunday about how we can celebrate the tension of change.

We are living in an incredibly exciting time in the consciousness of humanity.

Consciousness is always expanding. It’s not always linear, but if you look at the net result, life is always moving forward. Consciousness is always expanding, it’s never contracting.

On today’s episode, we’ll hit on topics like the shooting of Stephon Clark and the rise of student activism with the March for our Lives, and some thoughts on my comments on the recent issue of TIME Magazine.

A few highlights include:

  • We can sit in the discomfort of conflict and still hold the high watch knowing it is in service of a higher and greater future.
  • The word intersectional is synonymous with oneness.
  • We need to ask ourselves if we are we buying into a manufactured narrative about certain people or if we are we authoring our own narrative.
  • Fear out pictures itself as profound racism. If we don’t have the willingness to have the necessary conversations to reconcile that within our souls, it will continue to perpetuate itself.
  • Don’t use the same tools that caused the breakdown to fix the breakdown.
  • If you don’t shift consciousness you will perpetuate the same circumstances and conditions, they’ll just look a little bit different.
  • The whole premise of the concept of oneness is that you and I know the power and presence of all that is good, right, and holy is in every being we meet. If we got that on a deep and cellular level, our need to act with violence would be absolutely dissolved.
  • We are fundamentally and ultimately here to love another so profoundly, deeply, and tremendously, we wouldn’t be mobilized or moved by fear.
  • Your mental awareness creates the world you live in.
  • The more we can develop a muscle of being in a conscious, loving relationship at the level of the individual, we will be led to create systems and structures, organizations and communities, that are rooted in conscious, loving relationship, because that’s our nature.
  • We are NOT fear based by nature. Let us hold the high idea of who humanity is here to be.
  • We must invite ourselves into a deeper level of curiosity about other people’s experiences we may not understand.
  • We can’t do the work of awakening without our active participation.

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