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“Breaking Through the Tomb of Human Limitations” by Lola Wright

By April 2, 2018February 11th, 2020Home, Messages

We celebrated Holy Disurptor Easter Sunday with Lola Wright sharing the message, “Breaking Through the Tomb of Human Limitations.” Throughout the month of April, we’ll explore what it means to be a Holy Disruptor.





Top Ten Reasons for Easter:


  • Outsourcing power and salvation to a “superhuman” is easier than taking responsibility
  • Human beings seek saviors – Jesus was a viable candidate
  • Chocolate is godly and sugar addictions are CELEBRATED!
  • Jesus taught freedom and knowledge of Self in a time of oppression – hero’s journey
  • Fabulous hats – obviously
  • Jesus rose from the dead after a violent crucifixion and three days of being in a tomb –  high drama and happy ending
  • Pagan rituals and tradition – cute bunnies and baby chicks
  • Opportunity to die to the small self and be reborn to the greater self
  • Reminder that death is not Real
  • Transition in consciousness from physical being to spiritual being


“New Testament, Jesus arrested by Roman authorities, claiming to be the “Son of God,” historians question this motive, saying that the Romans viewed him as a threat to the empire.” Who Jesus was being…not doing, being was a threat. Jesus was killed by the state for teaching Freedom.



  • You are vibrating at a unique point in consciousness
  • You’ve been prepared to disrupt limiting constructs in service of the Holy
  • Allow for mystical activism and claim your divinity


  • Holy Disruptor defn:
    Holy – devotion to the service of God
    Disruptor – a person who breaks apart the normal course

    God – the indwelling presence; life force energy in back of all things; the unseen; the infinite

Syn: Consciousness, Universe, Spirit, Divine, Life, Sacred

Holy Disruptor – a person who breaks apart norms in service of the Sacred

    • Jesus challenged the present day paradigm. He invited those he met to divest from their highest attention being centered on the world of form and the power structures of their day. Jesus invited his community to align with their divine nature.
    • You are on the planet to awaken those you meet to a higher idea of possibility – use your influence to disrupt fear based consciousness and bring forward the Holy.


  • Bondage/Seduction by believing in your suffering. Today I am asking you to sense into the atmosphere of the infinite.
    • SLIDE: While bondage is an experience, there is a Reality to which bondage is not real. To that Reality bondage is not even an illusion or hallucination; there is a part of us that is never fooled. That is why, in the midst of the greatest trial, death, or any human suffering, something rises from within and says with Job: “Though I die, yet shall I live.” – The Science of Mind (SOM) p. 108
      • Mystical activists have ALWAYS known this!
      • No matter how uncomfortable – an H.D. interrupts inertia and says “this is not the truth of who I am/we are!”
      • Releasing the drama of suffering – no power
      • Discomfort can be a teacher, a wake up call to our true nature, our true purpose
      • Suffering leads us to waking up…a new state of consciousness
  • You are not your circumstances.

SLIDE: The Christ (spiritual self) triumphs over death and the grave, breaking through the tomb of human limitation into the dawn of eternal expansion. The Christ rises from the ashes of human hopes, pointing the way to a greater realization of life. The Christ places His hand in the outstretched hand of the Universe, and walks unafraid through life. – SOM p.369-370

      • Human limitation – what you see is what you get
        • Where you think it’s over, you don’t have options
      • The Christed Self – spiritual aspect of self; divine self
        • Despite great trials, hurt, betrayal, pain you wake up to a greater sense of Self
      • The I AM Presence – Oneness
      • Tomb – a monument to the memory of a dead person


  • You are the infinite capacity of the universe.


SLIDE: I AM the light of the world. – John 8:12

    • The I AM is the metaphysical name of the spiritual self, as distinguished from the human self. One is governed by Spirit, the other by personal will.


  • You are a mystic and you are called to disrupt.


SLIDE: A mystic is not a mysterious person but is one who has a deep, inner sense of Life and of his unity with the Whole. There is nothing mysterious in the Truth, so far as It is understood, but all things seem mysterious until we understand them. The mystic does not read human thought, but rather he senses the atmosphere of God. – SOM p. 327

    • The resurrection was a mystical experience
    • His family and friends felt the presence
    • The atmosphere of God is all around you


  • New World/New Reform./Die to the old-Rise in the new.


SLIDE: Resurrection – rising from a belief in death

    • Death – a limited sense of self
    • A mystical experience


When we let fear rule, our sight is compromised – we kill off that which we perceive as a threat. We must rise up into our spiritual nature and understand our oneness, our connection, our divine relationship to all of creation and yield to it. #StephonClark



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  • Geoffrey says:

    The April 1st service was fabulous; however there was a song lyric projected onto the screen that included “….unity….it’s a lie, it’s a lie…” or something like that. Did I miss something or was that a typo?

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