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The New You LIVE | Breaking Down Otherness

Today on The New You LIVE, Lola was joined by a Bodhi Spiritual Center community member, Jerry, where they discussed their thoughts on Bishop Yvette Flunder’s message this weekend on otherness and what it means to truly love others as we love ourselves.

A few highlights from the conversation include:

  • So often we are vilified for being our True Self, but what are you doing that vilifies others and doesn’t show love to others?
  • Every expression on the planet, those which we like and don’t, are an outpicturing of consciousness.

If you have a thought construct or belief pattern that says, “The world is dangerous, people are bad,” then you are going to create a whole world that is a reflection of that realm of beliefs.
  • We are all a demonstration of that which has occurred in our lives.
  • People get to be where they are because of what’s happened to them in their lives.
  • Jerry shared a story about a situation he experienced where he could have had a different narrative, but developed a capacity to see himself which gave him access to choice on who and how to be, and had a level of mastery that enabled him to diffuse the set of circumstances.
  • When are we colluding with someone’s story about us?
  • Stepping into the realm of truth, not of fear, Jerry realized the tendency he has to tell stories that are not true.
  • The challenge of loving your neighbor as yourself is impossible if you don’t love yourself
  • Anything I say about you is what I’m saying about myself.
  • If you’re constantly vilifying others, you’re vilifying yourself; if you’re loving others, you are loving yourself.
  • It’s a difficult thing to take 100% responsibility for your life. It is easy to outsource our power, safety, and control to others.

If you go looking for evidence to support a narrative you are deeply devoted to, you WILL find it.
  • There is a unique call that lives in each of us.
  • So long as we believe we are separate, we are going to create from a consciousness of lack, which comes from fear.
  • If we do not address our cosmology of belief around race and class, everything else is an outpicturing of it.
  • We are all walking on the planet with our own biases, narratives, and fears that contribute to your subconscious mind.
  • You can actually be blind to what’s right in front of you.
  • We see what we are thinking and focusing on.
  • Let us disrupt in service of the Sacred!




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