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8 Statements Of Belief For Bodhi Spiritual Center

By July 24, 2018October 24th, 2018Home, News, Videos

During the Sunday Celebration Service on July 22, Lola Wright added a new statement to the Statements of Belief for Bodhi Spiritual Center, focusing on immigration. 

Previously, during the Sunday Celebration Service on January 14, Lola outlined an official declaration of 7 Statements of Belief for Bodhi Spiritual Center. These statements were inspired in response to the 7 word ban directed by the Centers for Disease Control. Each statement is based on one word that was flagged and discouraged for use in the CDC.

Prior to outlining each of the beliefs, Lola released the following statement:

“One of the great challenges religious institutions are facing today is their inability to address social issues with genuine compassion and honoring all chosen paths.” Lola adds, “The days of ‘the church’ serving as the big brother of peace and world order seem long gone, and yet there are still religious institutions that continue to read scripture—which was originally intended to be invocations of poetry and curiosity—as red lines on how we view ourselves and one another.

“No one single person is to blame for this. I see it as collective in origin and realize that it will remain unchallenged. My intention in declaring the Statements of Belief for Bodhi Spiritual Center isn’t to lift the veil or proclaim a new way of thinking, religious or non-religious; it is to serve as a reminder and offer clarity on what Bodhi Spiritual Center does and does not stand for. I see it as my role as the Spiritual Director of Bodhi to remind those like me—raised to believe that I was a sinner, flawed, or otherwise—that they are enough. I am enough. We are all enough. The Bodhi community will always honor your path, because you are whole and perfect, just as you are. And so it is.”

8 Statements of Belief

We believe as intrinsically connected organisms that it is our responsibility to care and tend to the most VULNERABLE among us—such that all of humanity may experience material peace and comfort.

We believe ENTITLEMENTS are our collective moral mandate to a loving and just global society, ensuring access to food, shelter, education, and healthcare.

We believe DIVERSITY of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, and religion demonstrates the most glorious aspects of the Universe—the multiplicity of our unity is celebrated through our differences.

We believe that the TRANSGENDER expression is holy, ancient, mystical, and worthy of celebration—a divine appointment that stirs uniquely in the soul.

We believe that a person has dominion over their uterus, is divinely guided to determine the future of their FETUS, and has agency over their entire body.

We believe that EVIDENCE-BASED practices demonstrate the evolution of human consciousness and greatly advance our understanding of this vast universe.

We believe SCIENCE-BASED research is essential in addressing climate change and caring for our planet and its resources.

We believe IMMIGRATION  is a holy quest motivated by an intention for freedom, abundance and peace, and must be honored with a spirit of generosity, consideration, curiosity, and welcome – realizing our Oneness with all beings on the planet.


Bodhi is a conscious community in Chicago, IL. We offer in person and online experiences for people who are ready to transform themselves and their world. Bodhi uses media, education, entertainment, and like-minded community to support transformation.

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