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maureen muldoon

“Illuminate Your Voice!” With Reverend Rainbow Weldon and Maureen Muldoon of Spiritual SpeakEasy

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As part of our December “Illuminate” series, we’re having a special Sunday celebration on December 17th called “Illuminate Your Voice!” The gathering will be led with a talk by Rev. Rainbow Weldon, featuring Maureen Muldoon and her Spiritual SpeakEasy community as guests. Plus, there will be a performance by Bodhi’s own choir, Joyful Noise. Arrive early at 9:50a for their holiday choral medley!

Photo credit in featured graphic: Gwenael Piaser via flickr

The Magic of the Redwoods

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Along the California northern coast, there is a large community of trees that stretch hundreds of feet into the air—some over 350 feet—called California or coast redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens). Some are over 2000 years old, making them literally older than Jesus. They have been around, seen some stuff, survived.

redwoods looking up

Image courtesy of Kristi via flickr

Though their height and longevity are truly amazing, the most interesting fact about these redwood trees is their roots—they are very shallow, sometimes only 5 or 6 feet down into the earth. It would seem that these trees would not be able to remain standing with such shallow roots. Read More