Affirmative Prayer

The practice of declaring and realizing Truth. We recognize that there is a Perfect Spiritual Idea within every individual and every circumstance that can be known and claimed. Prayer is the most powerful tool we have to align our thinking with Truth and create the reality we desire.


The practice of becoming still and fully present in the now moment. In meditation, we pause and become consciously aware of the Presence that is always right where we are.


The practice of opening ourselves up to see, hear, and/or sense the highest idea for our life. In visioning, we tap into the Universal Mind and become a space of deep listening, creating an opportunity for that which is unlimited to come into view.


The practice of appreciating ALL of life. In every circumstance, we can look with appreciation and ask ourselves, “What is the gift here?” When we appreciate all the beauty of life, we discover more joy and our good is multiplied.


The practice of releasing blame and persecution of ourselves and others. Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves. To forgive means to “give up,” to let go. When we are willing to give up anger and resentment, to let go of the meaning we have made of past events, we walk in an experience of Peace, Freedom, and Prosperity.

Sacred Service

The practice of giving our time and talent without any thought of reward or repayment. Giving to something greater than ourselves quiets the ego, lifting us into higher states of consciousness and expanding who we know ourselves to be.

Conscious Leadership

A devotional practice of self-awareness that allows being to inspire doing. Taking 100% responsibility for our circumstances from a place of openness and curiosity, conscious leaders are empowered to create both the life we desire and and the world we want to live in.

Giving & Receiving

The practice of becoming both an inlet and an outlet for Universal Good. It is our nature to share ourselves generously with the world, and it is our birthright to be abundantly supported in doing so. As we align ourselves with and avail ourselves to this never-ending flow of Life, we create a greater experience of ease and prosperity.